Murder One - Season 1

ABC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 4/23/96
    As the tape reveals the identity of Jessica's killer, Ted Hoffman needs to get it accepted by the court. Political ambitions of the D.A. make this more difficult than expected.
  • Chapter Twenty-Two
    Episode 22
    Hoffman and Associates try to locate Richard Cross and the missing tape, while Neil adjusts to his new life.
  • Chapter Twenty-One
    Episode 21
    The jury returns with a verdict that disappoints Hoffman & Associates. While the media dissect the entire trial, Neil Avedon's lawyers prepare their next step. The startling news about Richard Cross leads to new theories.
  • Chapter Twenty
    Episode 20
    It's time for closing arguments, but revelations about the judge cause a stir. Meanwhile, Richard Cross continues to behave strangely.
  • Chapter Nineteen
    Episode 19
    Both Richard Cross and Neil Avedon testify in the court case. Cross acts strangely, something Justine discovers as well outside the courtroom.
  • Chapter Eighteen
    Episode 18
    When it turns out that the general public doesn't believe Neil is innocent, his lawyers start working on his image. Testimony by his estranged mother should do the trick. Hoffman finds out that Justine has been lying to him.
  • Chapter Seventeen
    Episode 17
    More ups and downs in the Neil Avedon case. There's a new, credible suspect, but it proves to be hard to make the jury forget about Dr. Lester's testimony. Julie Costello turns into a hostile witness and D.A. Roger Garfield is forced to testify for the defense.
  • Chapter Sixteen
    Episode 16
    Jessica's diary puts some very influential men on the witness stand. Richard Cross tries everything to get Julie to return to him.
  • Chapter Fifteen
    Episode 15
    Romance is in the air when two jurors find each other, causing some problems. Meanwhile, Arnold Spivak and Julie Costello also feel attracted to each other. Dr Graham Lester is forced to testify.
  • Chapter Fourteen
    Episode 14
    The tapes become an issue in the courts. Julie Costello starts to see her lover in a new light and leaves him. Annie Hoffman has a shocking surprise for her husband.
  • Chapter Thirteen
    Episode 13
    The first witnesses testify in the Neil Avedon case. A strange rumor about Richard's health surfaces and Hoffman decides to look into it. Lizzie can identify her abductor, but the case is not what it seems. When it comes to allowing Lizzie to testify in court, Ted and Annie disagree.
  • Chapter Twelve
    Episode 12
    The opening statements in the Avedon case are interrupted by an incident involving Hoffman's family. When Lisa sees Justine having coffee with Richard Cross, she begins to wonder about her colleague's loyalties.
  • Chapter Eleven
    Episode 11
    Jury selection continues, with both sides quickly running out of peremptories. Richard Cross asks Hoffman to help the son of a Brazilian associate. Eduardo Portalegre faces charges of date rape. Neil Avedon finds it hard to live with the stress of the accusations.
  • Chapter Ten
    Episode 10
    In a letter to Neil Avedon a deranged fan hints at her involvement in the Jessica Costello case. A strange rumor about Francesca and Ted might be spread by Richard Cross to speed up his divorce. Jury selection begins in the Avedon trial.
  • Chapter Nine
    Episode 9
    Justine Appleton gets two interesting job offers, both linked to Richard Cross. Ted Hoffman takes on the case of Stan Fletcher, an acquaintance of Louis. The college professor is charged with lewd conduct in the library. Ray finds a witness who could point to a new suspect in the Jessica Cole murder.moreless
  • Chapter Eight
    Episode 8
    Hoffman and his associates try to convince Julie Costello not to trust Dr. Lester. They also work on Neil Avedon's public image when they allow him to be interviewed by television personality Felicia Norell, but then a damaging new video is released. Lisa Gillespie defends a man accused of assaulting his neighbor after a dispute about a barking dog.moreless
  • Chapter Seven
    Episode 7
    When Deadline reports the existence of a mystery witness for the prosecution, Miriam Grasso discovers that there's somebody leaking information from her office as well. The witness is linked to Dr. Lester and can give some astonishing information about the night of the murder. Lisa Gillespie defends a famous rapper's young brother, who shot a gang member in front of several witnesses, including some policemen. Hoffman gets very annoyed when Richard Cross gives Neil Avedon some bad advice.moreless
  • Chapter Six
    Episode 6
    Neil Avedon's lawyers hire a jury expert who tells them that they need to get bail for their client as soon as possible. A suicide attempt by Julie Costello makes Hoffman worry about the influence Dr. Lester has on the young woman. Ray Velacek does some research into the death of Dave Blalock. Arnold Spivak gets to defend a man arrested seventeen years after a bar fight.moreless
  • Chapter Five
    Episode 5
    The preliminary hearing begins for Avedon. Cross's alibi comes under question when a video tape shows up. Justine defends a man accused of a hate crime, though both the accused and the victim are Jewish.
  • Chapter Four
    Episode 4

    Teddy effectively deflects a crucial piece of evidence in Neil's case and is able to get Neil into a healthy environment. Richard Cross' wife, Francesca makes a life altering decision and then inadvertently gets Teddy involved.

  • Chapter Three
    Episode 3
    Several new pieces of evidence are brought to light, causing Ted to worry about the sobriety and safety of his client. The firm represents a man who embezzled millions of dollars from his clients.
  • Chapter Two
    Episode 2
    The firm becomes more involved in the case involved Jessica when another client is arrested. In addition, Justine takes on a case involving Lila's fiancé.
  • Chapter One
    Episode 1
    The firm represents Neil Avedon in a pending matter, after which they decide to change their relationship with him. Richard Cross is a person of interest in the murder of a 15-year-old girl, who happens to be the younger sister of his mistress.