Murder, She Wrote

Season 5 Episode 2

A Little Night Work

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1988 on CBS

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  • Meet Dennis Stanton...

    Keith Michell makes his first appearance as thief-turned-investigator Dennis Stanton, who would become one of the show's "pinch-hit" sleuths to fill in for Angela Lansbury a few times each season. His presence elevates what is otherwise a pedestrian outing for "Murder, She Wrote."

    The murder is more of an afterthought, as the bulk of the show is spent developing the relationship between Jessica and Dennis. I didn't care for how easily Jessica was taken in by him, and how she fell for what were lies and deceptions. Granted, he redeems himself a bit at the end, but Jessica always seemed too sharp to fall for a flirtatious man. There are not a lot of clues doled out...much of what we learn about the case comes from Dennis' narration in flashback. Jessica does not get to do much sleuthing in this show. She adamantly defends the accused busboy and amateur writer, but never really takes steps to clear him.

    A bit weak compared to some of the other Season 5 episodes, but good performances all around, including Michell's. Still, I never warmed to him the way I did Harry McGraw or Michael Hagarty, probably because I find Jerry Orbach and Len Cariou to be better actors. A nice turn from "Rockford Files" vet Joe Santos as the cop in this one!
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