Murder, She Wrote

Season 1 Episode 6

Lovers and Other Killers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a masked man breaking into a woman's hotel room. When she discovers him, he kills her.

We then move to an airport, where Jessica arrives to meet her old friend Edmund Gerard, who is now the dean at a university. She goes to his office, where she meets Amelia, his secretary, who is clearly in love with him. When she tells Edmund, however, he doesn't believe her.

Late that night, a young man named David Tolliver arrives at Jessica's hotel room, saying that he wants to serve as her secretary while she's in town. She is hesitant, but he demonstrates his typing skills for her, and after some persuasion, Jessica finally gives in and hires him.

The next day, Jessica gives a lecture at the university about her book, The corpse Danced at Midnight. After the lecture, a professor, Todd Lowery, introduces himself to Jessica and says he and his wife are both fans. Then he leaves with a blond woman, and Jessica wonders aloud whether that was his wife.

When she gets back to the hotel room, David invites her to go to dinner with him. He tells her he enjoys the company of older women. When they return to her hotel, a lieutenant from the Seattle Police Department takes David in for questioning about the murder of Allison Brevard - the woman who was killed in the beginning. Jessica goes to see the lieutenant the next day, and he tells her that David was seeing Allison for several months.

After speaking to the lieutenant, Jessica returns to her hotel room and finds David inside. It scares her, and she tells him never to let himself in again. He admits that he was friends with Allison Brevard, but Jessica asks him to leave. Later, Jessica decides to let him come back to work. She then gets a call from a woman who tells her she has information that can clear David Tolliver. She tells Jessica to meet her at an abandoned warehouse at 10:00 that night.After the woman, Lila, gets off the phone, her husband Jack tries to get her to agree to work things out, but she walks away from him.

Jessica shows up at the warehouse that night, and when she goes inside, she sees Lila stumble out of the darkness, then fall dead. The police bring David in for questioning, and he admits that he and Lila had been seeing each other. He tells them that he was with Lila the night Allison Brevard was killed, but he couldn't tell them that before because of Lila's jealous husband Jack.

Jessica goes to see Edmund, but he is not in the office. Amelia is short with her until Jessica tells her that she and Edmund are friends, but nothing more. She then heads to the pool where she finds Jack. Jack says that David Tolliver was just a friend of Lila's, and that the real problem was someone else. When Jessica asks if the problem is Professor Lowery, Jack reminds her she should be in class. She runs off to her lecture, where she encourages people to put themselves into the shoes of the killer. She describes the scenario surrounding Lila's death, then questions Professor Lowery about various details. He becomes visibly uncomfortable.

When Jessica gets back to her hotel, she gets a note from David saying that Professor Lowery wants to meet her at his office at 9:00 that evening regarding a very urgent matter. When she arrives, the building is dark, and she proceeds up the stairs with caution. When she reaches the top of the stairs, someone jumps out of the shadows and pushes her down the stairs. A few moments later, David runs in and finds her. She goes to the hospital, where she is checked out and released. While in the hospital, Edmund arrives and tells David that he knows he lied about being with Lila. Edmund says Lila was with him that night. David admits that he paid Lila to provide him with an alibi.

Jessica goes to lunch with Edmund, where he tries to explain about his affair with Lila. We get a close up of Edmund's credit card when he pays the bill. Then Edmund says that the night of Allison Brevard's murder, he was at a hotel out of town with Lila. On the way back, someone tried to run them off the road, but Edmund insists that they were not followed there.

Lieutenant Andrews tells Jessica that they found the killer of Allison Brevard: a convict who was traced to her stolen jewelry confessed to the murder. Jessica goes back to her hotel room and once again finds David inside. She gets annoyed, calls him a liar, and accuses him of pushing her down the stairs. David insists that it was not him, and says that a "person" called. Jessica questions him about it and realizes that it could have been a woman that called and left the message about Professor Lowery.

Jessica goes straight to Edmund's office, where she tells Amelia that Edmund is about to be arrested for Lila's murder. Jessica says that his car was spotted outside the warehouse, and Amelia says that it's a common car, and in fact, she owns one. Jessica then talks about the hotel where Edmund and Lila went, and Amelia claims she doesn't know anything about it. Jessica insists she must know, because she is responsible for paying Edmund's credit card bills. Amelia breaks down and confesses.

At the airport, Jessica runs into David, who came to say goodbye. He tells her that he's very attracted to her, but she is unfazed and simply wishes him well before heading off towards her plane.
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