Murder, She Wrote

Season 7 Episode 20

Murder, Plain & Simple

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1991 on CBS

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  • Gott im Himmel! Did Jakey murder?

    I categorized this episode as "exactly why I watch this series" because it contains so much of what I've come to love about Murder, She Wrote. The episode was pretty bad in general: the Amish were so overwrought that they seemed more retarded than dutchy. When Jessica goes into downtown "Lancaster," it is way too remote to be Lanaster or any of the county's surrounding towns - almost as if the rest of the quarter of a million population lives as primitively as the Amish. The best part of all though is when Jessica finds the corpse (of course) while taking a morning stroll; she gives it a look like she's not quite sure if she saw him blink, then gives a second glance to make sure, then kind of ducks and shakes her head as though she just spied two kids steaming up the back seat of a Pontiac instead of stumbling upon her murdered dinner host from the night before.

    Best of all I love the underlying theme of the entire episode: Jessica just wants to buy a quilt, that's all she wants! and look out, there's another murder!