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  • Murder, She Wrote!!!!!!

    I love this show!! I love Angela Lansbury. She was wonderful and made as family and friends to solve the mystery. Please add on the Hallmark list!!
  • Am SO disappointed!

    Read comment from francesrapp5 below. Just hooked up with satellite TV after a year away & was looking for showings. I loved watching "Murder, She Sorry to hear it was dropped. Bring it back, please, Hallmark Channel.
  • The Cabot Cove stories were my favorite.

    I didn't know Hallmark was going to stop showing the episodes. If I had known, I would have recorded my favorite episodes of Murder She Wrote. Apparently, that was only temporary, hopefully Hallmark will keep showing her shows. This weekend, July 19 and 20 will be Murder She Wrote marathon.
  • best suspense tv series!

    Despite the fact that the concept of this show is imaginary; I would have to say that this is one of the best TV series ever made. Suspense and enetertainment in one show whp wouldn't fall for that? Angela Lansbury played great from the first up to the last episode. I won't spoil anymore for those who haven't watched yet the whole episodes. Being a fan of this great crime show I looked for a great copy so I don't have to wait for the re-runs. Luckily, I saw this being sold at dvdbooth dot com which happens to provide a very excellent shipping time. Upon checking the discs, it was surprising to see it's in good shape and great quality. It has also the complete episodes, I'm really satisfied with this purchase because I will able to play this show how many times I wanted in our DVD player. There is nothing in the TV show nowadays you can compare to this show in terms of clean watching.
  • The mysteries of Jessica Fletcher.

    This is the single most greatest mystery show ever! It's one of my all-time favorite show. You really get into the storyline and you feel like your mind is going through every single clue trying to piece together. I don't even mind watching the reruns, even knowing who is the criminal. That's extremely rare to find in a mystery show. I really wish they make more mystery shows like that than the ones like CSI because it deals more with people and how they think instead with actual physical evidence. It reminds me of those old detective style books they used to have. It's a must see show!
  • Um, what?

    I was really too young to realize the basics for this show. I actually found it quite boring and I couldn't think of the reasons why it was a television show. All I really understood was that there was a murder of some sort and it had to be solved some way. The old lady was really boring. I think I never watched a full episode because it just was too boring for my liking. The only reason I tried to watch was because there was nothing else on television. Overall, I must say that it wasn't a bad show as I think that it was okay for what it was supposed to be. Thank you.
  • A classic, but seasons 1-7 are the best

    I have been working my way through the DVD sets and it has been wonderful to watch. I love Angela Lansbury - she was so charming in every episode and created a wonderful character in JB Fletcher. It's historically interesting to watch all the old sexist comments and eighties and nineties feminist push back ... and then there is JB Fletcher who really is from a whole different era than we are now. The murder mysteries are sometimes good sometimes extremely predictable or silly, but watching JB deal with all the different guest stars and solve them is somehow lots of fun regardless. But, after season seven the quality of the writing really does drop off.
  • Not the best mysteries

    The show revolved around the day-to-day life of a retired English teacher who, after being widowed in her early fifties, became a very successful mystery writer. "Murder She Wrote" seems to be the only program that continued to bring back actors and actresses from movies and television that I always wondered where they are now. Silly, isn't it?! The settings may have been spectacular but the plots were pretty routine. The level of violence is so low that it is surprising it's about murders. A guilty pleasure, but only that for me. For such a small town, Cabot Cove has a horrifying murder rate. Who can believe that?
  • Great show

    Well seeing as this show was produced from 1984-1996 (although being born in 1991 i didn't see it until the 2000s on reruns) i daresay the main plot, character etc, are all well known, so down to the review.

    All in all this is a good show. It is entertaining, has a catchy theme, a well made opening sequence, excellent incidental and accompanying music and a nice simple but effective spinning fade to next scene device which all work well to produce a well made show. The plots, although a trifle hard to believe, are not out of the usual in that a murder happens in each episode, at least in tv universes.

    The characters are all well written and have good lines, and have interesting and varied personalities. The writing is good and the plots usually are interesting, varied and entertaining.

    Overall smashing show.
  • intersting how ms fletcher usally finds the body.

    i find it interesting how mrs fletcher usally finds the body first. but it still one my favorites, i love it when they a all day marathon ,i am so addicted (when they do have all day marathon) i watch all day even though i have seen just about every eposide. she is a very good actress i have seen her (mrs fletcher) in movies i will watch any movie i see her name. i also like the sherrif and the doctor . i also like how mrs fletcher usally solves the case before the sheriff does.i love it.its can be educational at times.
  • Fun and entertaining! Definitely one of my favorites!

    Alright so I remember watching this show with my Grandma when I was about 6 or 7. These were all tapes that she recorded since the series had ended a few years before. I remember being so scared when the person died! Jessica Fletcher reminded me of my Grandma so I was always rooting her. So about 2 years ago I got back into the series and I bought myself and season 1 and a season 2 set. I find it funny how they all thought she was just an old lady butting into police work. I also found the show to be pretencious because of all the death that seemed to be right by Jessica. However, it's still a great show and definitely one of my favorites, mostly because of childhood memories and stuff like that. Check it out.
  • Whether it's London, New York City, or her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine, murder follows mystery writer Jessica Fletcher. But if you've been wrongly accused of committing murder, you want Jessica on your side, investigating the truth.

    I literally grew up watching this show. Every Sunday night you could hear that familiar tuba-oompa music echoing through the house. My mother loved mystery shows and had a standing appointment with "Murder, She Wrote".

    Angela Lansbury stars as Jessica Fletcher, a widowed high school English teacher turned mystery writer. But wherever she goes, someone ends up murdered. If Jessica comes to visit you, you stand a good chance of either being murdered or being accused of the murder. Either way, the police are always pointing the finger at the wrong person, and it's up to Jessica to find the true culprit.

    While Angela Lansbury was the only actor to be in all of the episodes, there wee numerous recurring characters, as well as recurring actors, who would appear as different characters throughout the course of the show. At times the plotlines were weak, and the scenes seemed to have come directly from Cheese Acting Theater. But Angela Lansbury is such a strong actress she manages to carry every scene convincingly. While it's certainly not as fast-paced and action-packed as today's crime dramas, the slower pace and lack of scientific testing test your observation skills and deductive reasoning. I admit that I still enjoy catching reruns on cable.
  • murder she wrote is a murder mystery show starring angela langsbury. jessica fletcher is a lady sleuth similar to miss marple. she is often close to danger but always catches the killer.

    murder she wrote is the kind of show where if you say you hate it, you really love it. when you sit down to watch it you are stuck to your seat. you just have to watch it from beginning to end. lots of people say that murder she wrote is for old folk. but they are wrong. i am a young teenager and i love it. even my little brother loves watching it. i think murder she wrote is ten times better than miss marple. angela langsbury is just amazing. you know that she will catch the killer in the end but how she does it is a complete mystery. i'd like jessica fletcher to solve that.
  • "Murder She Wrote" was studded with stars, especially its lead, Angela Lansbury. It was highly crafted, well written, and stands up today.

    This series truly was star-studded. Angela Lansbury was (and is) a great talent, on the stage, the screen and on television. A singer, dancer, actor - she's the consummate renaissance performer. The regulars also shone, especially William Windom as Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Tom Bosley who played Sheriff Amos Tupper, and Ron Masak who succeeded Tupper as Cabot Cove's sheriff, Mort Metzger. The guest stars cast their own illumination. They included well-known actors from several eras - Len Cariou, Jerry Orbach, John Astin, Gary Lockwood, John Saxon, Van Johnson, Hurd Hatfield (he played the title role in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" with Angela in the 1940s), Evelyn Keyes, June Allyson, Cesar Romero, Mel Ferrer,Orsen Bean, Roddy McDowell Anne Meara, Leslie Nielson, David Soul, Connie Stevens, Vicki Lawrence, Laraine Day, Rene Auberjonois, Shirley Jones, Dale Robertson, Max Baer Jr., Jean Simmons Doris Roberts, Jane Withers and many others. A star-studded series indeed!
  • Jessica Fletcher Was A Murder Mystery Author,Turned Detective, Wherever She Goes She Is Sure To Find A Murder & Solve It.

    Jessica Fletcher Travels A Lot, And Wherever She Goes The Murder Follows, Even In Cabot Cave!
    She Used To Write Detective Murder Mystery Books,But Now She Solves Murders.
    This Show Was Broadcast From 1984-1996 Running For 12 Seasons! I Am Amazed At The Enormous Amount Of Family She Has Everywhere She Goes!
    Jessica Uses Her Clever Crime Solving Skills To Crack The Murders, And Bring Justice To The Family Of The Bereaved.
    Angela Lansbury Portrayed Jessica Fletcher Throughout The 12 Seasons, She Is Amazing!
    I Have Watched This Show For Years, And It Is So Good!
    Go Mrs Fletcher,You Rule!
    I Love Shows Like This, Which Is Why I Watch CSI:NY!
  • This show is a cult classic and always will be

    Gone are the days when I come home from school and watch "Murder, she wrote". This is due to the fact that the BBC over here keeps on changing when it is being shown. I have loved Murder she wrote now for many years and although I am only 17 years old now, I still love it. I think it may have something to do with the fact that Jessica reminds me of my Grandmother, whom passed away fours years away. Also every time I hear the theme music, I am instantly reminded of this classic show. I also like the fact that Jessica is a write and this has inspired me to also write alot, such as reviews and short stories.

    A time-less classic that will live on forever
  • Guilty pleasures don't come much guiltier than this.

    My grandparents are to blame for my love of "Murder, She Wrote." Sure, it's hackneyed. The writing is awful for a mystery show, the acting is pure 80s ham...yet if I am home to catch the reruns on Hallmark Channel, I'll sit down and take them in. When I was a kid staying with them, "Murder, She Wrote" and "Matlock" were mainstays in their house, so my love of detective shows stemmed from these programs.

    And "Murder, She Wrote" is certainly one of the best known "armchair detective" shows (though it isn't the best in terms of quality!) Clues come out of nowhere, the audience isn't privvy to information and guilt is "proved" with the flimsiest of explanations.

    But damn it, Angela Lansbury sells this stuff. Without a doubt, she's one of the greatest actresses of her generation and while it's a little sad she's best known for this, she never phoned in a performance as Jessica Fletcher. While her fellow actors are hamming it up, Lansbury owns the role, never succumbing to overacting or a weak performance. Even when she is in "Irving the Explainer" mode during a denouement, she sells an explanation of an obscure clue and gets a confession from whomever she's accusing.

    Is it memorable, classic TV? Nah, for the best murder mystery show of all time, turn on "Columbo." For a light, entertaining diversion and a chance to see a terrific actress at work...turn on "Murder, She Wrote."
  • A very interesting mystery program about a woman solves the murders that happen aorund her.

    Murder, She Wrote is one of the few mystery shows I watch, and this show is great.
    The show is about a mystery writer, Jessica Fletcher, who ends up having murder happen around her very often. Using her skills, Jessica solves the mystery without a problem when even the police can't.
    I find that Jessica has a very nice and pleasant personality. It's remarkable to see that the deaths that happen around her never shakes her up. She's able to hold her own and untangle the enigma in each episode. The only thing about the show that bugs me is that murder happens so frequently around Jessica Fletcher. It's quite unrealistic to think that someone is constantly happening around a person. But, I overlook that one detail and still enjoy the show.
  • Jessica Fletcher, mystery writer and everyone's favorite gal-about-town, encounters murder everywhere she turns. Possessed with (arguably) superhuman powers, Jessica turns even the best-planned murder into a game, and she wins every time. Don't miss it!

    This show is one of the few reasons I would ever consider bringing cable to my rabbit ears television which is currently getting a record-high 4 channels, but only because the sun is shining. Angela Lansbury is wonderful as the lovable Jessica Fletcher, a widowed mystery writer who encounters murder more often than a Los Angeles police officer. But this lady is not easily shaken. As chaos rains down upon her (and usually some of her friends), she rides her bike calmly into the fray and settles each situation without fear. In spite of getting tangled up in more than her fair share of sticky situations, Jessica remains witty, charming, and emotionally intact throughout the series, even managing to steal a few unsuspecting hearts along the way. Although some parts of the show border on ridiculous, they only serve to increase the program's entertainment value. I've been watching this show since I was very small, and it is truly a classic.
  • Who cares that murder follows Jessica around like a puppy dog? Because mystery writer, Jessica Fletcher, is well-informed as a result of her research for her books, she is well-equipped to solve the murders that happen all around her.

    As far as I'm concerned, Ms. Lansbury should be made "dame" of television as well as of the British Empire. Murder, She Wrote entertained (and continues to entertain through reruns and the release of DVDs) millions of people worldwide for 12 seasons. Angela Lansbury in the role of Jessica Fletcher creates such a warm character, that any of us would wish to have her as our favorite aunt! Her performances are timeless. Although stories such as those on Murder, She Wrote can sometimes be predictable, I found a certain comfort in that. That does not mean, however, that I was not often fooled, as I was fooled on numerous occasions. This is true probably because I was so focused on Ms. Lansbury's craft as an actress. When she is on the screen, can one look elsewhere? Even after the plots are memorized and episodes are rewatched, she continues to hold the attention of her audience. We are indeed blessed to have her body of work in Murder, She Wrote available on DVD.
  • Classic and personal friend!

    I loved this show when I was ten back when it debut in 1984!
    Man no wonder I love the 80's so much!
    Glad like one reviewer says that murder doesn't follow them around like Jessica Fletcher's character does as she
    Promotes books around the country. She seems as though one step ahead of the police!
    Very shrewd and smart but in a good kind of way!
  • WOW I'm glad murder doesn't follow me around like it does Jessica.I think it would be exciting to have a murder scene and try to figure out who dunnit. I'm not very good at figuring out who done it on her shows, maybe I just don't watch close enough.

    I love this show, it has always been one of my favorite mystery shows. I really like the 2 hour movies that she has done. I just wish there were more of them. I just recently watched South by Southwest a few nights ago.

    I really didn't like it when she narrated, I guess I liked to watch her in action solving the crime herself. I like it how she can see something, and then she automatically knows who the killer is.

    It's not vey often you come across someone like her that cannot drive. I like it how she always had to catch a ride with someone. :)

    This is a show that the newer generation should also get hooked on.
  • I love Murder She Wrote

    I go home, if im lucky in the early afternoon, i turn on my tv and am delighted by the fact that i can see another great episode of Murder She Wrote. I love this show it brightens up the dull rainy British afternoons. The special effects might not be as good as the ones in many other shows but i still think that it is a good to watch. There is the slight issue (particular in Southern Double-Cross) of the sometimes very bad english accents, but thats something im prepaired to live with. Anyway i love this show and i love Mrs Fletcher the afternoons would not seem right without her. Every one should watch it, the show is great
  • Not!

    In the UK both the BBC & ITV are guilty of peddling this dreck as a schedule filler. Maybe it's because star Angela Lansbury is a Brit or the broadcasting rights are dirt cheap, I suspect the latter. Every show has this bargain basement Miss Marple encountering murder wherever she goes, and usually gathering the clues quicker than the detectives. I've seen a couple of episodes that were set in London, the first had most of the natives sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins & the second had Jessica liasing with a female chief of police who ressembled a cheap take on Prime Suspect's Jane Tennyson. Absolutely awful.
  • Pleasurable and relaxing show for a Sunday afternoon!

    This is possibly the most predictable of all the TV mystery series. But most of time the plots are enjoyable and, with the endless stream of talented actors provide good hours of entertainment! I find that when Ron Masak is the police representative there is always a touch of humour, even though he appears to be more authoritative than Tom Bosley. Jessica Fletcher, played by Angela Lansbury is ADORABLE, always outsmarting the sheriff, well read, insightful, witty, elegant, fun and somewhat annoying. Things got more amusing when she befriended the doctor. He loves to eat. Although there is always a murder, there are no gory scenes. Just the mystery. Not so entertaining if you are a bloodthirsty gore fun (such as myself). But still it has a classic character. I watch it mostly as a comedy. Pleasurable and relaxing show for a Sunday afternoon!
  • Its the best show I\'ve ever seen. It\'s all studied so that you don\'t guess who the murderer is easily but if you observe, you could guess it as Jessica does! I\'ts a very charming time to pass.

    Its the best show I\'ve ever seen. It\'s all studied so that you don\'t guess who the murderer is easily but if you observe, you could guess it as Jessica does! I\'ts a very charming time to pass when you see this show. It.s like passing sometime with you grandma
  • This is an entertaining show for 45 minutes (with no adverts on BBC1) and is worth watching if you have the spare time.

    Murder, She Wrote features the author and detective Jessica Fletcher (played by Angela Lansbury) and she solves murder mysteries in a different way to normal detectives. Why is it different? Because the detective is just a normal person and no-one special, with any special features. Jessica is played excellently and the plot is good as well. This series is ideal for quick programmmes and, in my opinion, is very enjoyable and worth watching. It is completely American, though it is also shown in the UK. I think the thing that makes it so good, is that everyone acts like normal people and it is 100% realistic.
  • I really love this show

    Angela Lansbury portrays a mystery writer who is also an excellent crime-solver. She is simply marvellous. I enjoy watching this show everytime it comes on. It was really funny when she was watching a play rehearsal and then when the actor asks her what she thinks of it she reveals the mystery ending and after she walks away the director wants to change the script.
  • she is great

    the best show ever, the actors of today should buy these dvds and study their craft from angela. jessica beatrice fletcher is my idol and inspiration. the way that angela is able to convey her character through the screen is sheer genius. i do not know what i would do during the day if this remarkable and cutting edge show had not been created. i can not imagine anyone other than angela lansbury being able to play the character of jessica fletcher and do it justice as she has been able to so seemingly effortlessly do. the acting world needs more angela lansburys for sure.
  • Perfect for a lazy afternoon curled up on the sofa!

    well, what can I say? I never watched murder she wrote until one day diagnosis murder taken off the air and replaced with murder she wrote. Obviously I was horrified by the fact that diagnosis murder was not on, but needing my daily crime programme fix, I found myself watching murder she wrote. I was shocked to find that I actually liked it and couldn't tear myself away as I just had to know "who dunnit"! Since that eventful afternoon I have watched more eps of M.S.W and have found them all to be equally captivating. Some of the stories are a little unbelievable in the way they come about, but hey, it's fiction, and I like it!!!
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