Murder, She Wrote - Season 2

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • If The Frame Fits
    If The Frame Fits
    Episode 22
    After Julia Marcus Granger is found murdered during what seems to have been an apparent art theft, suspicion turns to her husband Donald, who, as a result, also ends up being suspected in a recent rash of art thefts where there were no fatalities. Julia's sister Sabrina is convinced that Donald didn't do it and begs Jessica for help. While looking into Julia's murder, Jessica realises that she has two completely different criminals on her hands, and someone tampered with the scene of Julia's murder to make it look like something else.moreless
  • The Perfect Foil
    The Perfect Foil
    Episode 21
    At the request of aunt Mildred, Jessica agrees to stop by New Orleans to check on cousin Cal while on her way to Houston. No sooner does Jessica get to New Orleans then she is tossed into a Mardi Gras party where the host ends up dead, and Cal is accused of the crime. While attempting to clear Cal's name and reputation, Jessica delves into the world of cheating poker players, cheating girlfriends and vengefilled police officers while trying to convince a local lieutenant that Cal is not capable of murder.moreless
  • Menace, Anyone?
    Menace, Anyone?
    Episode 20
    Jessica struggles to protect her former student Carol, a tennis star, when her boyfriend is blown up in her car and Carol is the only suspect.
  • Christopher Bundy -- Died On Sunday
    Jessica and Grady head to the home of publisher Christopher Bundy, whose publishing company owns the rights to Jessica's first short story. Jessica is quite upset, as Bundy's magazine is known for it's racy pictures of young women. While there, Jessica is pleased to run into an old acquaintance, Chester Harrison, and when Harrison is accused of murdering Christopher Bundy, Jessica vows to prove his innocence but runs into trouble when the family isn't interested in having their own skeletons dragged out of the closet.moreless
  • If A Body Meet A Body
    Jessica reluctantly gets involved when the coffin at Henry Vernon's memorial service turns out to be someone other than Henry. The town pins all their hopes on her once it's learned that Henry, the town's primary financial advisor, seems to have run off with everyone's money!
  • One Good Bid Deserves A Murder
    A red hot diary of a sex symbol is to be auctioned and some of the bidders are ready to shed blood. Jessica finds herself in a tough spot when one of the auctioneers is found murdered and Jessica has to rely on Harry McGraw to help her out.
  • Murder in the Electric Cathedral
    Jessica must find the murderer of her close friend whose will is in contention between family and a popular evangelist and soon finds herself in the middle of a feud between different members of the evangelist's family.
  • Powder Keg
    Powder Keg
    Episode 15
    After their car breaks down after dinner with the governor, Jessica and her friend Ames Caufield find themselves in a small southern town just in time for local bad boy Ed Bonner to be found dead, and young Matt Burns, the son of a former student of Ames', ends up accused of the murder. At the behest of Linda Bonner, the victim's sister who happens to care deeply about the accused, Jessica takes a look into the murder, but hatred runs deep in this town and it's pure luck (and Andy Crane) that leads Jessica and Ames to the right answer.moreless
  • Keep The Home Fries Burning
    Jessica, Seth and Amos try out the Joshua Peabody Inn, a new tourist-oriented restaurant, but after a number of the guests get sick eating strawberry preserves, one of the women dies. Jessica investigates the murder while everyone in town tries to point the finger at someone else.
  • Trial by Error
    Trial by Error
    Episode 13
    It's a bad day for the jurors when Jessica is the foreperson of the jury hearing the case of a man claiming self-defense in the death of an enraged husband. The jury alternates between wanting to convict him and wanting to set him free, but Jessica realises there's more than just one murder going on here.moreless
  • Murder by Appointment Only
    One of Jessica's former students is murdered and she takes a personal interest in the investigation and finds herself at the heart of a family feud while taking a look into the company that Grady is working for now.
  • Murder Digs Deep
    Murder Digs Deep
    Episode 11
    An archaeological dig at the site of Coronado's City of Gold does not please everyone and a new corpse is dug up.
  • Sticks and Stones
    Sticks and Stones
    Episode 10
    After Beverly Gareth is electrocuted in her bath, Cabot Cove is flooded with poison pen letters which proves hard for the town to handle as Amos prepares to hand the reins over to a new sheriff, Harry Pierce. Jessica has her hands full with a travel writer who has come to stay with her for a time to put Cabot Cove on the map.moreless
  • Jessica Behind Bars
    Jessica agrees to teach an English class at the West Barrington Institute for Women for her friend Margaret and soon finds herself being held hostage after Dr. Matthews is murdered and the prisoners are convinced that the warden is responsible. While investigating the murder, Jessica soon realises there's something else going on at the prison.moreless
  • Dead Heat
    Dead Heat
    Episode 8
    Jessica goes to the races to watch her niece ride the winning horse but then the horse's disagreeable owner is murdered after a dispute.
  • A Lady in The Lake
    A Lady in The Lake
    Episode 7
    On Harry Pierce's advice, Jessica spends a little bit of time at a lakeside inn where, while bird-watching one morning, she witnesses what appears to be a struggle and a woman falling into the lake. Everyone is convinced that the husband did it, but Jessica isn't quite so sure.
  • Reflections of The Mind
    Jessica decides to pay a visit to her long-time friend Franchesca, only to learn that Franchesca, who is now married to a much younger man, is convinced that she is being haunted by the ghost of her first husband, Ross. When her new husband, Scott, turns up dead, the investigation reveals that he had been poisoned, and suspicion turns to Franchesca. Jessica, however, is determined to prove that her friend did not commit the crime, and begins looking into the mysterious re-appearances of her dead husband.moreless
  • Sing a Song of Murder
    Jessica is devastated to be informed of her cousin Emma's untimely passing, but when she arrives in England she learns that Emma isn't dead after all, but has been in hiding after threats on her life. Jessica goes along with the ruse, which has her as Emma's heir, in the hopes of flushing out the would-be killer.moreless
  • School for Scandal
    School for Scandal
    Episode 4
    When Jessica is offered an honorary degree from Crenshaw University, she has no idea she's about to become embroiled in a murder. After the boyfriend of (in)famous writer Daphne Clover is found murdered, Jessica agrees to assist the chief of police, who has never had a murder case before, find out who the killer is. She soon has more on her plate than she bargained for when first Daphne's mother confesses, then Daphne herself confesses. Jessica realises the two women are simply trying to protect each other, and begins to look at the faculty at the university.moreless
  • Murder in the Afternoon
    Jessica's niece Nita loves her role on a long-standing daytime soap opera, but worries about her job security when her character turns out to be the serial killer. Before long it's Nita herself who needs to worry when her boss ends up dead and Nita looks like the prime suspect.
  • Joshua Peabody Died Here ... Possibly
    Plans to build a new hotel in Cabot Cove are put on hold when diggers discover an old skeleton that had been buried deeply that many of the townspeople believe to be the remains of Joshua Peabody. Not everyone is thus inclined though, and many people believe it's just a random dead body. But when Jessica and Amos head back to the dig site, they find there's another body there! Jessica not only has to find out who killed Wheatley, she has to help an old friend when his past comes back to haunt him.moreless
  • Widow, Weep for Me
    Widow, Weep for Me
    Episode 1
    After a friend is murdered at a Caribbean resort, Jessica goes undercover as a famous wealthy recluse to get to the bottom of things. A series of robberies has plagued the resort, and local police suspect that the woman was killed by a thief. Jessica suspects another motive and discovers a case involving a con man, an ambitious hotel detective, an unknowing heiress and a dashing British agent.moreless