Murder, She Wrote - Season 5

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Mirror. Mirror, On the Wall Part 2
    Eudora admits she stole Jessica's notes, but denies poisoning the apples she brought or murdering the detective who was following her.
  • Mirror. Mirror, On the Wall Part 1
    After being dropped by her publisher in favor of Jessica, 'mystery queen' Eudora McVeigh arrives in Cabot Cove with deception on her mind, desperate to get back on top. She cozies up to Jessica, and drugs her coffee. While Jessica sleeps, Eudora steals story notes. Eudora's husband, Hank, arrives to collect her, but things grow more complicated when an investigator that had been following Eudora winds up dead.moreless
  • Three Strikes, You're Out
    Jessica heads to see her nephew, Johnny, play baseball and winds up in the middle of a mystery after his friend Charlie is accused of murdering the team's pre-game host.
  • Double Exposure
    Double Exposure
    Episode 19
    In a strange case, Jessica bumps into an old friend who is supposed to be dead. His widow insists he is dead and Jessica hires Harry McGraw to investigate.
  • Trevor Hudson's Legacy
    A small town editor in Montana threatens to claim in public that he is the real author of a dead man's manuscript.
  • The Sins Of Castle Cove
    A red hot novel, written by a former Fletcher student, seems to expose the small town's secrets and inspires murder. When the author, Sybil Reed, returns to town, her book becomes the central piece of evidence in a murder mystery.
  • Truck Stop
    Truck Stop
    Episode 16
    Walter tells his story by way of black and white flashbacks which makes an interesting change from the usual. He has made a tape of the events that ended with his murder and we see the events unfold.
  • Alma Murder
    Alma Murder
    Episode 15
    An old English professor is caught red-handed over a young girl's body and insists he did it, but a young man later confesses.
  • From Russia ... With Blood
    Jessica heads to Moscow to publicize the translation of her novels into Russian, but after a mysterious microfilm appears in her purse after it is stolen she becomes the target of a KGB investigation.
  • Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble
    Jessica and Seth find themselves in the middle of a mystery when a young witch seems to have appeared out of nowhere in Cabot Cove, but the same young woman soon reveals herself as the long-lost sister of Jessica's friend Mildred.
  • Smooth Operators
    Smooth Operators
    Episode 12
    When a drunk is found dead in the alley, it raises a lot of questions. He was well dressed (but only one shoe) and had no ID or money.
  • The Search for Peter Kerry
    After going to the funeral of an old friend, Jessica is caught up in the middle of a twenty-year-old mystery when it seems her friend's missing son may have turned up ... with no memory of who he was.
  • Weave a Tangled Web
    Weave a Tangled Web
    Episode 10
    Things look bad when a married woman's keys are found by the body in a motel room and she can't explain why.
  • Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
    Grady and Donna try to look forward to their upcoming wedding, but constant mentions of Donna's high school sweetheart Wilfred and the murder of the abrasive housekeeper put a definite damper on the happy day.
  • Prediction: Murder
    Prediction: Murder
    Episode 8
    Jessica gets drawn into an already tense family situation while visiting an old friend, Lee Goddard, on his ranch outside Tucson. When Lee's son Del brings in psychic Franchesco to perform at a dinner function to please his wife Jill, his predictions seem to start coming true, and everything takes a turn when Jill is kidnapped.moreless
  • The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel
    During the Korean War, Frank Fletcher was on the flight crew of a C-97 cargo plane called The Dixie Damsel, which disappeared after the crew bailed out during a storm. Now, the plane has been found ... along with the body of one of the crewmen. He was shot to death and left on the plane. The investigating officer is quick to blame Frank for the murder, so Jessica goes to work to defend her husband's honor and record and try to determine who really killed the crewman.moreless
  • Wearing Of The Green
    After jeweler Laszlo Dolby is murdered in New York City and the Queen of Tara, a famous tiara worth millions, goes missing, Jessica realises that in order to get the answer she'll have to get in to see a legendary film actress that hasn't left her apartment in years. Jessica's investigation is occasionally hampered by two abrasive yet well-meaning female detectives.moreless
  • Coal Miner's Slaughter
    Jessica heads to Colton, West Virginia, after her former student Molly Connors is arrested and charged with the murder of local businessman Tyler Morgan. A lot of people had good reason to want Tyler dead, but Molly is the only one who is found to have the murder weapon hidden in her car. Jessica attempts to prove Molly's innocence as well as find out what really happened up at the mines ten years earlier when a number of miners, Molly's father included, were killed.moreless
  • Snow White, Blood Red
    Jessica hits the slopes at a ski lodge, but finds that her skills as an amateur sleuth are in demand. Gunnar Tilstrom, an arrogant, womanizing, champion skier, is killed by a crossbow as he goes down the slopes. All of the suspects are trapped at the lodge because of a blizzard, but the killer is trapped too. Jessica is asked to coordinate the investigation, but it grows more complicated when another skier is found murdered.moreless
  • Mr. Penroy's Vacation
    When Morris Penroy's body is found in the Appletree sisters chrysanthemum bed in quiet Cabot Cove, the two women become Metzger's prime suspects, but Jessica is convinced that the two older women could never have killed anyone and sets out to prove their innocence.
  • A Little Night Work
    Senatorial hopeful Axel Weingard is murdered and his wife's necklace stolen. When busboy Andy Broom is arrested for Weingard's murder, Jessica gets involved in an attempt to clear his name.
  • J.B.. As In Jailbird
    A colossal mix-up thanks to Michael Hagarty puts Jessica in jail as a suspect in a murder only she witnessed. Jessica tries to clear her name, but when Grady swears he has never met her, it just gets that much harder.