Murder, She Wrote - Season 6

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • The Sicilian Encounter
    Michael Hagarty is involved in a case in Sicily which has many twists and turns including the Mafia.
  • The Szechuan Dragon
    The Szechuan Dragon
    Episode 21
    Grady and his pregnant wife are tending Jessica's house in her absence when an old seaman is killed in her front room.
  • Shear Madness
    Shear Madness
    Episode 20
    Jessica's cousin Ann is left waiting at the church when her fiancé is murdered in a similar fashion to a murder fifteen years ago for which her brother George was blamed. Jessica is determined to prove that George is innocent of the current murder, which leads her to look into the murder from long ago of Ann's previous fiancé, Nathan.moreless
  • Always a Thief
    Always a Thief
    Episode 19
    Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton, who uses his skills as an ex-thief to solve crimes, returns to investigate a theft and two murders. The case involves a rare silver dollar, an icy dowager, and some suspicious-looking men with accents.
  • O'Malley's Luck
    O'Malley's Luck
    Episode 18
    An Irish detective does not believe the death of a real estate mogul was suicide.
  • Murder -- According to Maggie
    The producer of a police drama investigates the murder of a programmer who differed with her.
  • The Big Show of 1965
    Twenty five years after a show in which a stabbing occurred, the cast is reunited and a mystery woman reappears, seeming to accuse Barry.
  • The Fixer-upper
    The Fixer-upper
    Episode 15
    Jessica's niece, who is a real estate broker, arrives at the mansion and finds a body instead of a buyer.
  • How To Make A Killing Without Really Trying
    Jessica heads to the city to meet with her stockbroker, Philip Royce, but when he winds up dead Jessica finds herself defending his former secretary.
  • If the Shoe Fits
    If the Shoe Fits
    Episode 13
    A single mother is accused of killing the landlord that is always harassing her.
  • Goodbye Charlie
    Goodbye Charlie
    Episode 12
    Three sets of people try to claim the body found on the railroad track--a nephew, a daughter and a wife. Jessica narrates this story.
  • Town Father
    Town Father
    Episode 11
    The town gets a shock when bachelor Mayor Sam is confronted on the speaker's platform by a young woman claiming he is the father of her five children. Julie Adams, Gloria De Haven, Kathryn Grayson and Ruth Roman return as gossips Eve, Phyllis, Idal and Loretta.
  • Class Act
    Class Act
    Episode 10
    After pushing too hard on a case powerful people do not want solved, Los Angeles homicide detective Jake Ballinger is farmed out to teach criminology at a local college. His opening speech reduces his class to two students, an aspiring private eye and a female insurance claims investigator. Now, Ballinger and his students take up the unsolved case as their project. The victim was a young woman who had recently given her baby up for adoption, and Ballinger discovers a connection to a state senator who may have been willing to kill to protect his family and career.moreless
  • Test of Wills
    Test of Wills
    Episode 9
    A wealthy lumberman invites Jessica to his island retreat to discover which of his relatives is trying to kill him.
  • When the Fat Lady Sings
    While visiting San Francisco, Jessica reunites with thief-turned-insurance investigator Dennis Stanton and the two take in an opera. The real drama unfolds after the performance when the star tenor is accused of (and confesses to) murdering his starlet's beau in self defense. But a cagey detective finds holes in the story, and Jessica suspects there is more to the case, particularly after a cache of stolen emeralds and a decades-old family secret come into play.moreless
  • Night Of The Tarantula
    A voodoo curse of death caused by the marriage of a plantation heir to the wrong person, sets off a string of events in Jamaica when Jessica visits an old friend.
  • Dead Letter
    Dead Letter
    Episode 6
    While at a rummage sale in Cabot Cove, Jessica buys an old bureau that contains a letter written, but never sent, to local man Bud Fricksey. Jessica gives the letter, which is from his wife regarding a man she had fallen in love with, to Bud, and when Bud dies in a fire later that night, suspicion falls on the mystery man in the letter, with Metzgar determined to find out who Lois Fricksey was so enamored of.moreless
  • Jack And Bill
    Jack And Bill
    Episode 5
    Bill Boyle, a former football star turned down on his luck private investigator, reluctantly agrees to watch his friend Johnny's poodle, Jack, for a couple of hours while Johnny runs an errand. After Johnny turns up dead, Bill finds himself reluctantly partnered with the pooch as he tries to find out who murdered Johnny, and who wants Jack.moreless
  • The Error of Her Ways
    When the wife of a developer is accused of killing her husband and commits suicide, it leaves the whereabouts of his embezzled millions a mystery and the dead woman's sister absolutely furious. Jessica ends up in the hot seat, but it turns out that the dead embezzler was sleeping with a lot of his clients, and any one of them had an ample motive for murder.moreless
  • The Grand Old Lady
    The Grand Old Lady
    Episode 3
    When a famous mystery writer dies, Jessica recalls a 1947 case that the writer was personally involved in. During a voyage on the Queen Mary, Lady Abigail Austin teams up with a police inspector and his son to solve the murder of a former Gestapo officer aboard the ship.
  • Seal of the Confessional
    Visiting priest Father Barnes has barely gotten settled in Cabot Cove when he hears a late night murder confession. He is unsure of what to do, since telling the police would violate the sacred seal of the confessional. He confides in Jessica after a mentally challenged young man is arrested for the crime, but the case grows more complicated the confessed murderer is herself exonerated.moreless
  • Appointment in Athens
    Jessica's old friend, Michael Hagarty, persuades her to play a part in his scheme to free a fellow agent from captivity.