Murder, She Wrote

Season 5 Episode 4

Snow White, Blood Red

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1988 on CBS

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  • Snowed in with a killer...

    Another variation on the old mystery cliche...all of the suspects are trapped in a confined setting while a murderer prowls the grounds. It's nice to see Jessica being asked to investigate a crime because of her expertise and background. She is quick to admit that she is not a detective, but it shows her as less of a snoop and more as someone who merely wants to help in any way she can. The murders are a little grislier this time out (though nothing approaching the gore seen on current prime-time cop shows), and it helps to preserve the sense of danger throughout the episode. My only complaint is that the ending seems to come out of left field, but the pacing and style of the show make up for it. Keep an eye out for the vacationing gynecologist who gets drafted as an amateur coroner by Jessica. It's clear that not everyone wants to be an amateur detective!