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  • Really interesting and educating show for those who are interested in crime scene investigation and solving crimes.

    I myself am really into the whole CSI thing. So this was a great find for me. The show has some very interesting cases and they aren't always so obvious. But many of the times they unfortunately are. For me personally I've already solved the crime when I see the interview videos. If a woman doesn't cry because her husband is death and talks about it like going to the store, she is guilty. And I've always been correct with this. Same happend on the very obvious episode where a girls parents were found dead. She was so calm when talking about it that you could just tell she was quilty. The investigators are often really smart yet often very stubborn. It is annoying when someone is basicly saying this happend, and this is how it happend after being on the crime scene for 5 minutes.
    I suggest this show for everyone who is a fan of the show CSI.
  • Amazing

    This is another very good program focussing on the forensic science side of life. i myself became interested in this sort of work at the age of 17 and i am now working as a fingerprint technician myself for the police. it is great working within the area of forensic science and this program depcits well what we do. However the only downfall is that if the criminals do what these kinds of programs it gives them tips on how to bypass what things we look for and then makes our job harder in finding the culprit who committed the offence!
  • This episode is scary and horrifying to watch and it's good for people interested in criminal. Which makes me have some knowledges how think about evidetns when the crime happened. which is correcting the evedences, don't touch things without wear glove.

    This show is extremely scarry some parts but it is very very good to help people that watching to prevent and have knowledge when unexpect circumstances happen. It also teaches people learn how to solve the crime and learn to know how the homicide detectives get the murderers. For my opinion it is a task force when you suddenly saw a horrifying crime sceene. It makes me blure for a while, can not think about what have had happened. Anyway I absolutely except that the show teaches me a lot how to think carefully and try to prevent criminal that would not happen in my life.
  • Amazing show!!

    This show is like I said before is amazingly thought through and is just a plainly great show. I'm planing on going to college for forensic science so this show has a lot of information that is helpful to me. Its like CSI: in someways but then again Murder shows more of the actually stuff that is done to solve the crime rather than just ooo...look its solved. I would love to go on the show and just see what its really like to solve a real murder. Thats another thing is that all the crimes they have to solve REALLY happened. Thats a little creepy if you ask me. But its a good idea as well. I love this show and I've seen everyone so far and plan to watch all the new ones as they come out!!
  • I like it

    I've only seen two episodes, but I found Murder to be really interesting and informative. It shows how real detectives solve real crimes (although the teams aren't real detectives)and the suspense always has me guessing. I watch this show on Spike every Saturday night, and I always find that I miss obvious clues. It is an awesome show, and I decided to add it to my favorites. It's a lot like CSI, but in a reality show format. I would definitely recommend watching it if you haven't seen it, and I'm looking foward to seeing it again this some other time. It's a new favorite of mine.