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  • Really interesting and educating show for those who are interested in crime scene investigation and solving crimes.

    I myself am really into the whole CSI thing. So this was a great find for me. The show has some very interesting cases and they aren't always so obvious. But many of the times they unfortunately are. For me personally I've already solved the crime when I see the interview videos. If a woman doesn't cry because her husband is death and talks about it like going to the store, she is guilty. And I've always been correct with this. Same happend on the very obvious episode where a girls parents were found dead. She was so calm when talking about it that you could just tell she was quilty. The investigators are often really smart yet often very stubborn. It is annoying when someone is basicly saying this happend, and this is how it happend after being on the crime scene for 5 minutes.
    I suggest this show for everyone who is a fan of the show CSI.