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Murdoch Mysteries

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A Victorian-era Toronto detective uses then-cutting edge forensic techniques to solve crimes, with the assistance of a female coroner who is also struggling for recognition in the face of tradition. The characters are adapted from the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings.

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Season 9 : Episode 1

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Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson

Detective William Murdoch

Jonny Harris

Jonny Harris

Constable George Crabtree

Helene Joy

Helene Joy

Dr. Julia Ogden

Georgina Reilly

Georgina Reilly

Dr. Emily Grace

Thomas Craig

Thomas Craig

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

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  • loud music

    my friends and i would like to watch this series. there is one problem and so far i haven't seen anyone mention the fact. the dialogue isn't to be heard most of the time-- the music overwhelms. it is so loud that the volume needs to be turned lower.

    as i said we would love to be able to watch this series but have turned off the program because of the loudness and being unable to hear the dialogue.moreless
  • Fresh and Nostalgic!

    Found it on Netflix, but they Only show they have 39 episodes[What's with That, Netflix?].

    Love the whole cast! Wonderfully written/acted/displayed[props/scenery/cinematography]!

    Love the entendres.....

    Please Netflix, Get More Episodes!

    EspeciallyTheLies: "Murdoch is too nice to be realistic and appears to have no It's 19th century Victorian Toronto, Of Course he Seems Too Nice... That was 19th century Victorian Age! He Does have flaws, you just have to pay closer attention....

    lilgto1966: While I appreciate your stand against profanity, I do appreciate Realism, Even if it happens be Harsh or Offensive.... I Too, am a Christian, and while I abhor the use of GD, I do Realise we are All just Human, and we Do sometimes use Poor language as a means to Either get to the Point, or as a Result of Emotion[s].... If Murdoch was the one whom used the GD wordage[I haven't seen that episode yet], then That proves he's Human And has Flaws, but it does Not show him to Not be a Christian, as his Character is a Most Devout Catholic...moreless
  • Help me detective Murdoch I've lost my head can you help me find it?????

    Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries I have found very enjoyable! Last night's episode was edgy and had lots of plot twists and turns. The actors are genuine. This also with the realistic settings and costumes makes the show very authentic. I am a fan and know there are many more Murdoch Mysteries to tell. Lots more things will unravel this season. I commend all the actors, writers and crew on their fine work. Continued success to Murdoch Mysteries. Living in Ontario I thoroughly enjoy all the location shoots of the beautiful province I live in. Regards Marilynn Monnier.moreless
  • My least favourite show on television.


    Artistic cinematography, scenes are well shot and lit.

    Well constructed costumes, they seem time appropriate and suit the character wearing them.

    Realistic sets, they make you feel like you're there.

    Beautiful scenery.

    The plot is not too bad.


    The characters bore me and I have no sympathy with them which to me is unforgivable in a show. Murdock is so clever he can make others look stupid, he is too nice to be realistic and he appears to have no flaws. The main villain seems irredeemable; he is an eccentric sadist, who is either scheming or manipulating people all the time because... he is evil (which is a stupid reason)! So he must be completely bad and unforgivable because complex characters are so droll (Sarcasm). I also hated how they added homosexuality to his list of flaws in what appears to be a failed attempt to make him edgy. DS9 had flawed, deep and complex characters.

    The dialogue irks me too. The very worst line to me was the one about Coffee not catching on and the way in which it was delivered. It felt like it was winking at the audience and didn't sound natural to me. Mad Men is much better at referencing at the future . copy machines). However there are exceptions; I did enjoy hearing about the blonde lady speak about her father and I did feel bad for her to do the autopsy on him but it was an exception.

    I admit to not having seen many episodes, I apologize for not remembering all the characters names, I understand that some of you are fans of the show and all the power to you, it's just not for me and I merely wanted to show an alternate perspective. Have a nice day. :)moreless
  • Bad choice of words

    To whomever can change the scripts the actors memorize. Look you don't need bad language to get your ratings up. Your program "Murdock" is I believe one of the most watched TV programs on the air. But tonight I was disappointed to hear the actor say, "goddam". Like that's an everyday norm. Well it may be to the actor but not to all your viewing audience. I'm one of I know many Christians who like the program but believe it would be viewed by the same audience without the language. Your last program I found it distasteful and offensive. So will we expect to hear this again? Maybe God doesn't mean anything to you but to us Christians who have been delivered from drugs, alcohol and other types of what the Bible calls sin, we love him. Will you please consider the Christian public who like the program and want to watch it? Will you dare to stand up for good clean morals we were made from. Was the world you live in founded in a garbage pit, I think not.

    Thank you for hearing my concernsmoreless

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