Murdoch Mysteries

Season 4 Episode 6

Dead End Street

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2011 on CBC

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  • Murdoch solves a murder where everyone seems to be lying about something.

    This is a very well written episode. First Murdoch thinks that somebody has been killed but can't find the body. Asking the neighbours leads him to find out a lot of lies and stories - but nothing that really leads him to a body. Through dogged persistence when others seem ready to give up, Murdoch finds a body (via the ever-helpful Julia) that seems to match up with the murder scene. But a motive seems missing - and does the killer. The ingenious solution presents itself when Murdoch asks an intellectually challenged girl for the answers - via her reconstruction of the neighbours' street in miniature at the time of a celebration (when the murder took place). Even the final scene with Murdoch/Julia commenting on the girl's outlook on life - and their responses mirroring their own outlook was well done.
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