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Episode 101 Power (Spoilers)

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    [1]Jan 24, 2008
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    A dog was set up to be electrocuted as a demonstration of the new 'direct current'. Instead, someone put a piece of rubber at the contact point and the woman "Miss Electric Power", who pulled the switch, was electrocuted instead.

    Good to see Yannik Bisson (From Sue Thomas FBI/eye) again. This is a series I will be watching - for awhile anyway! Hope I won't be disappointed. (My sons will say it won't be a good program because it is Canadian - typical Canadian sentiment!)

    Peggy from Porcupine
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    i just finished watching this ep from netflix. they have the 1st yr and i can't wait to see more. everything about it seems impressive and entertaining. in spite of the apparent series ending in the 4th yr that had some people reeling from what appears to be a twist in the hero turning into villian???
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