Murdoch Mysteries

Season 3 Episode 8

Future Imperfect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on CBC
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Murdoch is invited to attend a mysterious meeting in High Park. With Ogden to accompany him they find themselves mixing with some of city's greatest minds at a meeting of the Toronto Society for The Advancement of Eugenics, lead by James Pendrick. Murdoch discovers that Sally Pendrick invited him. The guest speaker is none other than the great science fiction writer HG Wells, and beside him stands Ruby Ogden, Julia's younger sister.


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  • Story imperfect

    After 7 superb episodes, I guess there had to be one average episode. Perhaps it might improve with subsequent viewings, when the little clues etc all fit into place. This episode just didn't really go anywhere. I was looking forward to seeing HG Wells in the story but he just spent most of the story flitting from scene to scene without any real impact, such as going to Murdoch to 'invite' (on behalf of others) to join the society, after that little was mentioned. Scenes with HG Wells and Julia also felt very flat; his brief mention of plans for a new novel had little interaction with the cast, unlike Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Hound of the Brackenreids'. Loved the re-appearance of Ruby, really hope she will appear in future episodes. Brackenreid hardly featured in the story beyond a few references to a pen; as well as asking for George to stop his investigations. George had quite a central role this time around, especially liked the sequences with Ruby - hopefully a storyline that will be followed through in future episodes. James Pendrick and his wife were nothing special in this story, which was a pity after their initial appearance. It often seemed that Murdoch was just plainly out 'to get Pendrick' (Art gallery episode), his usual careful deductions ignored. Only the briefest scientific investigation happens in this episode, hardly any actual thought seemed to be involved. With Murdoch there is always a feeling of 'moving forward', the ideas, the plot, the sequence of events, the clues etc all building to a finale; though the finale varies in the actual resolution from episode to episode: there is at least some attempt to move towards a finale. In this episode it was as if the murder or the mystery was totally unrelated to the story being told (perhaps if that was the case, then the story was perfect). The solution was rushed and a disappointment.

    An imperfect episode (in a so far, masterpiece of a series)moreless
Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson

Detective William Murdoch

Helene Joy

Helene Joy

Dr. Julia Ogden

Thomas Craig

Thomas Craig

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

Jonny Harris

Jonny Harris

Constable George Crabtree

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    • Inspector Thomas Brackenreid: But I'll tell you what's odd, it's this whole eugenics business. Pure bloodlines? We already practice it. (He gestures to a picture of Queen Victoria.) Now if that's bettering the human race, I want no part of it.

    • Dr. Ogden: (Into the phone) No, you heard me correctly. I am in need of an adult male brain. Yes, they're difficult to find. I understand.

    • Dr. Ogden: He was in perfect health except for a great deal of mucus in his nasal passage. (She holds up a test tube)
      Detective Murdoch: (Taking the test tube.) Ah yes, his daughter mentioned he was suffering from a terrible head cold. (Looking at it closely.) Is there something in the mucus?
      Dr. Ogden: Yes, I believe it's pollen. A clue to his final hours?
      Detective Murdoch : Perhaps. May I keep this?
      Dr. Ogden: Yes of course. (She chuckles) No one else is likely to ask.

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