Murdoch Mysteries

Season 4 Episode 5

Monsieur Murdoch

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on CBC

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  • Murdoch Mysteries has come of age.

    I'm afraid I don't understand the negative discourse going on out there about how disappointing this season has been. While we are only on episode four here in Canada (interesting we are the last to get it since its filmed here, but whatever...) I have found myself very impressed with the progress in series depth.

    This is not a show about how cute William is and how sweet and romantic he and Dr. Ogden would be together. If that's what you desire, may I suggest the WB?

    This is an engaging period detective piece, with an ensemble cast of fun, sometimes funny and ever so much deeper characters who happen to have a full life to live; full life doesn't simply involve giggles and googly eyes.

    As I watched, this episode struck me as...well it didn't actually strike me until it was all over. There was never a WTF moment in the episode, the case was engaging, the themes did not shrink from the telling of them and placed them perfectly in a time long ago, and yet not so far attitudes, anyway. The acting was stellar and the script without flaw.

    And all of it has proven, to me anyway, that this is now a series come of age. Introductions are over and lives will move on, however the writers see fit. It won't be boring and neither will it be pat.

    I'm impressed. Bring it, I say!