Murdoch Mysteries

Season 4 Episode 13

Murdoch in Wonderland

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2011 on CBC

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  • Murdoch is accused of murder


    Excellent episode, as always. It was good to see Nigel Bennet again, thought he will beever be the manipulative vampire on Forever Night. The only weakness was William's last minute escape from prison

    As for reuniting with Julia, thank goodness William passed on the opportunity

  • Murdoch is arrested for murder...


    This is a well-plotted episode with a few unexpected twists. Murdoch (in fancy dress) is drugged and wakes up to being arrested for murder of one of the party guests. Its great to see Murdoch trying to remember what happened - did he or did he not kill the man. Murdoch's boss and Crabtree are good too - trying to prove to another detective that Murdoch is not the murdering type. In the meantime, Dr. Ogden's sister Ruby, finds the original ring and proposal that Murdoch was going to make to Julia. She makes Julia take a stand - Murdoch or Darcy! In the meantime, Murdoch realises that the murderer was the woman (who organised the party) - who also had been disfigured/raped by the murdered man. She also makes Murdoch remember that he had a part in her injury - since Murdoch allowed the murdered man to escape being jailed for a previous charge. In the end, Murdoch feels he can't breakup Julia/Darcy's wedding but he can try to make amends to the woman - by allowing her to escape prison! The episode ends with Murdoch handing in his badge to his boss...