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Monday 8:00 PM on CBC Premiered May 13, 2004 Between Seasons





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  • murdochs hat

    i have noticed that no matter what happens to this character, his hat never falls off. so why do they put so much eye makeup on murdoch? dr. ogden appears to be a modern woman in this show as far as men go. she's had an abortion which in those days must have been a terrible faux pax. loose women
  • Artemis and Athena

    Never seen a show where the leads are in love and asexual. Bizarre, although Murdoch is about as clueless when it comes to women as could be imaginable. Of course the play on the Victorian Era myth that there was less sex is noticeable, but completely inaccurate. In fact sexual interest is pretty much the same throughout time. I found it just silly after a while and highly predictable. I suspect the predictability is very much why the show is popular and has such a loyal following. This is a dream come true as far as employment goes for Bisson and Joy. Like Holiday Inns famous ad, "No surprises".
  • Truly Masterful Show - Top in Class

    Love this than any other currently running show. This is my favorite. It is so well done. The writing is excellent. The actors are outstanding. It's just such a masterwork. 10 seasons now. I hope it will still continue for many years into the future. Just love it!
  • CSI of the Victorian Age

    I love the techniques they used to solve crimes, which are experimental at the time.
  • Unnecessary background noise

    What is with the unnecessary background noise in most of the programs? Train whistles, banging, people talking. I enjoy the series but please eliminate the background noise
  • Wonderful show

    I wasn't hooked until about the third or fourth show. Just Love Murdoch and Dr. am watching on Netflix. Please keep it on ...

    Thank you for another Please continue to provide this show on Netflix

  • lilgto1966 are you homosexual?

    lilgto1966 are you homosexual? This show has some critical words towards homosexuality, calling them "saphists" "nancy" and "homosexual", instead of the better word "gay". Apparently the only people who are unhappy with this must be homosexual themselves.
  • Bad choice of words

    So tonight again I was one of many thousands of Christians who were offended by your actors, both women, kissing each other. Sir may I remind you that there are children watching your program also. But maybe it doesn't matter to you as long as you get a pay check, right? Up until recently when the supreme court rule for gay marriage, this was and still is predominately a Christian nation. You think because the courts passed the law for this hideous sin that its ok to publish it on air as the norm. Well sirs you have failed and don't expect your ratings to go up. You can take this mans word for it, because It Will Go Down! You have a good program, why do you have to go and ruin it but this type of filth? So today was the last time I attempted to watch this program. When girls start kissing each other on TV, I quit watching. Watch how your ratings go down. Remember I told you so. God in heaven is not pleased with this type of programming and don't think he can't take your ratings down.
  • Acorn has seasons 1-8

    But the mobile app totally sucks. You can't turn off the subtitles. If you do the video won't play.

    So you have to watch it online. 30 day free trial.

    I belive the Roku might have Acorn on it but so far Apple TV does not.
  • loud music

    my friends and i would like to watch this series. there is one problem and so far i haven't seen anyone mention the fact. the dialogue isn't to be heard most of the time-- the music overwhelms. it is so loud that the volume needs to be turned lower.

    as i said we would love to be able to watch this series but have turned off the program because of the loudness and being unable to hear the dialogue.
  • Fresh and Nostalgic!

    Found it on Netflix, but they Only show they have 39 episodes[What's with That, Netflix?].

    Love the whole cast! Wonderfully written/acted/displayed[props/scenery/cinematography]!

    Love the entendres.....

    Please Netflix, Get More Episodes!

    EspeciallyTheLies: "Murdoch is too nice to be realistic and appears to have no It's 19th century Victorian Toronto, Of Course he Seems Too Nice... That was 19th century Victorian Age! He Does have flaws, you just have to pay closer attention....

    lilgto1966: While I appreciate your stand against profanity, I do appreciate Realism, Even if it happens be Harsh or Offensive.... I Too, am a Christian, and while I abhor the use of GD, I do Realise we are All just Human, and we Do sometimes use Poor language as a means to Either get to the Point, or as a Result of Emotion[s].... If Murdoch was the one whom used the GD wordage[I haven't seen that episode yet], then That proves he's Human And has Flaws, but it does Not show him to Not be a Christian, as his Character is a Most Devout Catholic...
  • Help me detective Murdoch I've lost my head can you help me find it?????

    Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries I have found very enjoyable! Last night's episode was edgy and had lots of plot twists and turns. The actors are genuine. This also with the realistic settings and costumes makes the show very authentic. I am a fan and know there are many more Murdoch Mysteries to tell. Lots more things will unravel this season. I commend all the actors, writers and crew on their fine work. Continued success to Murdoch Mysteries. Living in Ontario I thoroughly enjoy all the location shoots of the beautiful province I live in. Regards Marilynn Monnier.
  • My least favourite show on television.


    Artistic cinematography, scenes are well shot and lit.

    Well constructed costumes, they seem time appropriate and suit the character wearing them.

    Realistic sets, they make you feel like you're there.

    Beautiful scenery.

    The plot is not too bad.


    The characters bore me and I have no sympathy with them which to me is unforgivable in a show. Murdock is so clever he can make others look stupid, he is too nice to be realistic and he appears to have no flaws. The main villain seems irredeemable; he is an eccentric sadist, who is either scheming or manipulating people all the time because... he is evil (which is a stupid reason)! So he must be completely bad and unforgivable because complex characters are so droll (Sarcasm). I also hated how they added homosexuality to his list of flaws in what appears to be a failed attempt to make him edgy. DS9 had flawed, deep and complex characters.

    The dialogue irks me too. The very worst line to me was the one about Coffee not catching on and the way in which it was delivered. It felt like it was winking at the audience and didn't sound natural to me. Mad Men is much better at referencing at the future . copy machines). However there are exceptions; I did enjoy hearing about the blonde lady speak about her father and I did feel bad for her to do the autopsy on him but it was an exception.

    I admit to not having seen many episodes, I apologize for not remembering all the characters names, I understand that some of you are fans of the show and all the power to you, it's just not for me and I merely wanted to show an alternate perspective. Have a nice day. :)
  • Why no info on TV dot com about season 7?

    Season 7 seems to have been ignored/overlooked by TV dot com - its already up to episode 9 and episode 10 is due to screen on the 6th of January but still no info?
  • Love Yannick Bisson!

    He's the reason I found this show. Hated I couldn't watch it in the US, but tickled Amazon Prime is carrying it.... completely hooked on the show. Love Helene Joy, too... will be watching for both of these fine actors in other stuff.
  • Best show on tv

    If we could only watch one show on tv Murdoch would be the show. Amazing actors makes you think you went back in time.
  • Brilliant Series

    One of the best shows on TV, Keep up the great work
  • Hidden Gem

    Really a hidden Gem, great classic detective story with a twist, with a charming lead.. very few shows that has this quality in every episode, especially criminal series.
  • Season 6 in Production...this page needs updating!!

    This is a great Canadian show and I guess it has not really been discovered yet in the US. It is a detective murder-mystery type show with great characters, period costumes, interesting historical content and a love story/ sexual tension thing going on between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden to rival the likes of Bones, Castle and Mulder and Scully ( well not quite in their league) but close....

    This site only lists Season 5 as having 8 episodes but it actually has 13 and they are being shown again on CBC this fall. Season 6 is supposed to air in January 2013.

    Let's hope the show gets the credit it deserves.
  • Fantastic Mystery Series

    Our personal favourite show -besides the welll-developed and excellently written plots, it's exceptionally well researched. Would venture to say that this is the best Canadian series ever produced.

    My only observation is that the level of cleanliness for the time portrayed is much improved over reality! (at least from the stories my grandparents told!

    Hope to see this series continue - one of the few shows worth watching on tv these days.
  • Brilliant Detective Show

    Brilliant and full of cheese, Murdoch Mysteries has become a weekend watching favourite of my family.
  • Nice show

    I love this show, first because I like very much this kind show and also its Canadian.
  • SEASON 5 FINALE "20th Century Murdoch."

    Ok so I don't know if this will be the last Murdoch episode ever but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed watching the show. I've followed William Murdoch's adventures right from the begining and have loved every moment, proving to me at least good writing and acting will always outshine the more effects laden, blood thirsty shows common nowadays. Without wanting to give to much away the way S5 ended was absolutely pitch perfect (I'm still smiling thinking about it) and if this is the end then other shows take note this is how you treat both characters and long suffering audience alike with both affection and respect after all everyone loves a happy ending don't they. If there is a season 6 then I await it eagerly if not then I reckon Murdoch 's gone out at the top, head held high and shoulders back having done themselves and Canada proud.
  • I wish it would air in America

    I have to follow this show online as best I can. I am a huge fan of Yannick Bisson and I think he is perfect for the role of Detective Murdoch. I love how Murdoch is ahead of his time in forensic investigation. It makes the Victorian age mystery that much better. I was excited to hear that they are doing a season six and I hope they will keep it going for a long while.
  • There are numerous good shows out there, I feel lucky to find this one on the net, looking forward for the 2 first seasons to be part of my collection.

    I absolutely love this show. Hope it'll stay around for a very long time and bring continuously high quality of entertainment. If you like Sherlock Holmes and the era in which that show takes play you would love The Murdoch Mysteries. The scenery is wonderful, and the cast is great, but really what this is about are the mysteries and how they are solved and this is where Murdoch shine. The cases bring forward lots of history, involves the foundation of forensic and are realistically solved by a bright detective Murdoch. Give the show a chance, watch a few episodes and get caught up in this marvelous show.
  • Murdoch Mysteries is the must see Canadian "CSI" set in Victorian Toronto. Murdoch and the lady coroner work to solve crimes in this somewhat fractured view of the "Orange" Toronto of that time.

    From the moment Detective Murdoch hops on his bicycle to speed away to a crime scene I am hooked on this unabashedly, unapologetically and delightedly Canadian approach to crime solving. Yannic's portrayal as a very intense and intelligent, if somewhat naïve young sleuth is evidenced Murdoch's approach to investigating crime and the interaction between Murdoch and the lady coroner. The characters surrounding Murdoch in the police station are believable and add to the interest. Yannic and friends are welcome in my home via my television, or if it pleases them to do so in person, at any time. I have great hopes that Murdoch Mysteries gets the attention and support it deserves to keep it coming into our homes.
  • Oh good times :D :D

    I was THRILLED to read this announcement: "Murdoch Mysteries has been renewed"
    I watched the first season (which was only 3 episodes) on TV ```4``` years ago!!!!! And I have been waiting ever since. I lost all hope and stopped searching when a week ago I found out that it has been renewed and airing since JANUARY!!!! So I pulled my strings and got me self hooked on satellite TV ;) I just LOVE this show. I love the fact that there is no technology, no computers, no DNA, not even fingerprints to help the detective. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE technology. But It's fun to see how mysteries could be solved without it. It is more challenging this way ;)
    Yannick Bisson who plays the main character is an astounding actor. And his freakish resemblance to Peter O'Toole is BIG plus!!! Sometimes I think it is a young Peter I watch on TV and not Yannick. Creepy. :D
    I am so happy it is renewed and as I see here on it seem to be renewed for a 3rd season as well. Oh good times :D :D
  • A traditional detective show - a good night in when you don't want to think too much or face how nasty the world can really be.

    This is the sort of show I like to watch when the day has been a bad one. It's got a really good cast, enough humour to be satisfying and has good little mysteries. This will never be a Criminal Minds or CSI as the show is far more gentle than that. This is the sort of programme that recalls a time of Agatha Christie where really bad things don't happen all that often. The stories are good in that they intrigue and always have a good explanation. You are never left going 'eh?' at the end. The characters are sympathetic and well portrayed. At first I was unsure about Yannick Bisson, having been used to a previous portrayal of Murdoch, but I have to say that I think he is doing an exceptional job and I have warmed to him greatly. Overall, this is good stuff. It will never be gritty or 'true life' but hey, after a bad day at work, this is exactly the kind of show I want to lose myself in. If you want grit, go watch Criminal Minds. If you want something a little more gentle that will make you smile, this is the show for you.
  • An interesting cop show in a period drama for a change of pace.

    Its really interesting to see the morals and morays of the late 1800's as it applies to your own city...albeit with a dose of artistic license.
    Its a police drama with an early stab at forensics as well as women's and civil rights thrown in for good measure. It must be difficult to come up with the stories, or at least to be able to substantiate them and keep them in period, each week. And yet I have enjoyed the storyline in each episode as much as the one before. At this point its more of a procedural drama than a character driven one, but now that a second season is confirmed, perhaps we will get to know the individuals on a more "personal" level.
  • In Victorian-era Toronto, a Detective tries to solve the worst crimes of the city.

    Detective Murdoch is a man ahead of his time, using forward-thinking technology - like fingerprinting - in his policework. He encounters suspicion, hostility and powerful class barriers in his slow study of the crimes, and finds himself emotionally involved with both a prostitute and one of the first female medical examiners of the time. This show amazed me from the beginning, with the overwhelming sense of atmosphere and attention to detail apparent at every turn. The period costumes and attitudes are accurate enough to cause some discomfort to the modern mentality. It seems almost impossible to get information on this series, which is a shame as I loved it when I got to watch it a couple years ago and I wouldn't mind owning it on DVD.
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