Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5

Monday 8:00 PM on CBC Premiered May 13, 2004 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 5/22/12

    As the dawn of the new century approaches, the team face difficult decisions about their lives. Murdoch confronts the future in more ways than one, as a scientist comes to town claiming to have made a time machine.

  • 5/15/12

    When a hockey player dies after a fistfight with a teammate, it appears to be a tragic accident. As Murdoch digs deeper, he reveals simmering tensions among the players and team owners that could alter forever the future of the sport.

  • Murdoch in Toyland
    Episode 11

    A girl is abducted from her home, and a talking doll left at the scene mentions Murdoch by name. As the detective chases down the culprit, he's met at each stage by more dolls taunting him with clues and ultimately threatening what Murdoch holds most dear.

  • Staircase to Heaven
    Episode 10

    On a stormy night, a game of cards among Dr. Grace's friends ends with a man's death. Murdoch goes to investigate and discovers the group was involved in otherworldly experiments. Meanwhile, Brackenreid and Crabtree guard a witness from a master criminal.

  • 4/24/12

    A shot fells a deeply disliked inventor after he wins the top prize at an invention convention. His fellow exhibitors, including Alexander Graham Bell, become suspects, particularly when Murdoch uncovers the ingenious method used for the murder.

  • 4/17/12

    In the second part of this story, Murdoch is forced to shoot a man who attacks Anna Fulford. It soon becomes clear that she is still in danger from The Black Hand crime organisation. Whilst attempting to find a way to extricate her from her dangerous predicament, he still has to solve the mystery of who killed Lucille Messing. Whilst delving deeper into Toronto's nasty underworld, He is contacted by a mysterious woman who strongly resembles the shy librarian and the further he goes, the darker his discoveries become...

  • 4/10/12

    When Murdoch investigates the abduction of Lucille Messing, an introverted, church-going librarian, he finds that his former love-interest, Anna Fulford (Lisa Faulkner) is working at the library under an assumed name. Murdoch is justifiably concerned that the Black Hand, the criminal organisation from which Anna is hiding after the death of her fiance, might have discovered her whereabouts and killed Lucille by mistake. Anna does not believe this to be the case and Murdoch also begins to believe that she may be out of danger. As the investigation takes Murdoch and a curious Anna into Toronto's sordid underbelly of gambling dens and houses of ill-repute, he begins to rediscover his feeling for her, but is she really as safe as they think?

  • 4/3/12

    When the inventor of a revolutionary new kind of battery is murdered, Murdoch is led to suspect his nemesis, James Pendrick, the eccentric entrepreneur with whom he has crossed swords on several occasions. Pendrick has built an amazing bullet-shaped vehicle which uses another remarkable battery and it doesn't take long to entice Murdoch to give it a test run. It seems that Pendrick may be the killer, but is he?

  • 3/27/12

    Following the poisoning of a young opera singer during the rehearsals for La Bohéme, Murdoch suspects the intended victim was the diva who stormed off stage moments before the incident occurred. Dr Grace's autopsy shows supporting evidence for this theory. As a serious opera fan, Brackenreid involves himself heavily in the investigation and the flirtatious soprano's apparent interest on him inflames the jealousy of his wife. Things quickly become as dramatic as an opera as the investigation takes it's course.

  • War on Terror
    Episode 4

    Constables Crabtree and Higgins are caught up in a shop explosion and Murdoch soon discovers the remains of a homemade bomb. When the shopkeeper tries to demand restitution from the police for his losses, Brackenreid is furious, as Higgins has been badly hurt. It is then discovered that the businessman is extremely unpopular with his business neighbours, including one in particular who harbours a deep grudge against him. However, further developments lead the police to believe that they themselves may have been the intended targets. The arrival on the scene of a high level government official then points to evidence that the incident may be connected to the US president, and suspects include the famous anarchist Emma Goldman.

  • Evil Eye Of Egypt
    Episode 3

    The release of Constable George Crabtree's adventure novel, The Curse of the Pharaohs, coincides with the exhibition of a recently discovered mummy's tomb. Whilst attending the event Murdoch enjoys meeting Dr Iris Bajjali, an archaeologist. However, when the sarcophagus is opened for the audience, a cobra strikes and someone is killed. Murdoch immediately shuts down the exhibition, taking the casket as evidence. Crabtree, as usual, has many extremely unusual ideas regarding mummies curses, but both Murdoch and Brackenreid suspect a less supernatural sequence of events. As more people die, however, it begins to seem as if Crabtree might be right...

  • 3/6/12

    Murdoch pursues a Catholic suspect in the attempted assassination of the city's Protestant Mayor.

  • 2/28/12

    Having left the police service and gone on the run, Murdoch seeks adventure and tries to forget his troubles by joining the gold rush in Yukon territory. There he meets the radical author Jack London and learns that it's not that easy to leave his vocation behind.