Murdoch Mysteries

Season 4 Episode 1

Tattered and Torn

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2011 on CBC

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  • Plz broadcast in America

    Love this show!!!
  • Really stellar season 4 opener.

    Faaaaar too long a wait for the season 4 debut in Canada considering the show is filmed here (though we've come to expect poor "service" from Rogers and affiliates...), but well worth the wait.

    Yannick Bisson continues to delve and build very nicely, this complex character of Murdoch while maintaining the integrity of the premise. Of course, all that is with some pretty consistent writing, a superbly engaging ensemble cast, and an ongoing dessert buffet of guest stars.

    Tonight was a prime example. Picking up 6 months after Julia's departure, Murdoch is up to his neck in his grief at the loss, a case surrounding what turns out to be a serial killer (of sorts), a supervisor who is losing patience, and a new Coroner whose unwavering belief in his own self importance promises to be not only a thorn in Murdoch's side, but a really fun ride for viewers.

    Paul Rhys as Dr. Francis is beautifully hateful! It seems he will provide episode upon episode of delightful conflict and I assume, humourous moments; intentional or otherwise.

    Thomas Craig continues to delight as Brackenreid- of-the-cutting-wit-and-failing-patience. It appears he has also fallen off the temperance wagon this season..."Bottoms-up, Inspector"!

    And Victor Garber is such a delight as the former Station 4 detective-gone-vigilante. Even though I had him figured out quite early in the proceedings, the script was well written and Garber is so smooth, it was a delight to watch unfold anyway. Great start in season 4. Looking forward to seeing how (and when) "Julia Ogden" fits into the offerings this year.