Murdoch Mysteries

Season 3 Episode 13

The Tesla Effect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2010 on CBC
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Murdoch is called upon to investigate an exceedingly strange murder. The deceased was found inside a room locked from within with no other entrance. But there's more to the case than that – the victim appears to have exploded and burned, yet there is no trace of an explosion or fire. Before Murdoch can proceed with his investigation, the case takes a bizarre turn when old friend and world-renowned inventor Nikola Tesla appears, announcing cryptically that he is "too late."


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  • First rate ending to a superb season 3

    After a slightly disappointing end to the previous season (for me anyway), I was a little apprehensive with this one; especially after 12 near classic episodes in a row. This time around, many previous strands of the story are combined with the return of Nikola Tesla, Myers, and the Pendricks; as well as more dramatic twists and turns to the William / Julia saga (the only thing missing for me would have been the return of Ruby.. for George, well, we can't have it all) I am sure that the technology displayed wouldn't have been out of place in a more modern settings / action film (minus the Victorian design), not even certain that much was known about Microwaves, let alone inventing such a powerful machine.. assuming from the dating of the 'Importance of Being Ernest' and 'Time Machine' gives a date of 1895 or later. But that has never been too much of a concern, as the key thing has been the approximation of the invention date; as well as just being the backdrop to a great story (I am still expecting Televisions, computers, airplanes, etc to be in season 4!) Still, what a great weapon and well used in the storyline.

    The Pendricks have popped up for most of the latter part of season 3, and their storyline was resolved (??) well in this episode; I definitely hope for their return in season 4 or 5.

    George had his usual funny scenes, I just hope he can sort out those microwaveable yams and potato roof (will that ever catch on) - quite certain he will end the series as a multi-millionaire. Brankenreid had only a few scenes, mainly with Myers. It is a pity that he is not used more but he does seem to only appear for a few scenes (mainly to drink down another glass of whiskey)

    The final scenes were worth the wait. Yet more classic William / Julia. Overall a 10 out of 10 episode. The whole season (other than Eugenics one) has been magic. Just hope season 4 will keep up to this high standard of scripting and acting and production. And only 39 or so weeks to wait!moreless
  • Stellar episode, but...

    ...I need to have a talk with the writers! No deep fried Sally Pendrick and Julia went and got on the damned train! I would have preferred it went as per the day dream sequence. I mean really...what a perfectly perfect way to end a season! No really. It was perfect.

    Something tells me neither Pendrick is going away next season and I'm voting for the Mr. to get his priorities straight and do his ex Mrs. in. Pendrick really being a good guy and Myers turning out to actually resemble a human being does somewhat make up for the female character's contributions to this season ender.

    I do have one question about crying actors though: how is it that when they cry on screen, man or woman, they always manage to still look good? There are no blotches on the face, bags under the eyes, boogers sliding down the chin...

    ...just wondering. See you next year, Murdoch!moreless
Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson

Detective William Murdoch

Helene Joy

Helene Joy

Dr. Julia Ogden

Thomas Craig

Thomas Craig

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

Jonny Harris

Jonny Harris

Constable George Crabtree

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