Murdoch Mysteries

Season 5 Episode 8

Walk On The Wild Side (Part Two)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2012 on CBC

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  • Walk on the wild side 2

    Not quite as red hot as Part 1.

    Murdock successfully rescues Anna from the gunman at the library.However, it appears there may be more than one member of the Black Hand pursuing her, so she has to spend her time in the Police House. Meanwhile the investigation of now two murdered young ladies involved in granting sexual favours comes to a conclusion. Dr Ogden is so concerned about the suffering of married ladies repeatedly becoming pregant due to lack of contraception,she restarts her campaign to change the law, assisted by Dr Grace. This upsets her husband, who thinks it will jepodise his promotion to hospital head, but all ends well.

    In the meantime Murdock has met with Falcone of the Black Hand, and strikes a bargain with him whereby in return for Anna's safety he will do a favour for the Black Hand in the future. Up to this time, the Episode has been somewhat low key.

    And so to the baseball game.In the crowd are Drs Ogden and Grace, and Anna. The tension now mounts rapidly until the end. Brackenreid's men win in true heroic fashion in the bottom of ninth inning, due to Murdoch explaining to the men how to deal with a spit ball. Much celebration ensues.

    The last few minutes are an emotional rollercoaster for the viewer. You will have to watch

    to find out the end result.

    This two-parter is as good as any previous stories. Great performancies from all, and well directed. Lovely to see Lisa Faulkner on the small screen again.