Murphy Brown

Season 10 Episode 19

A Man and a Woman

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1998 on CBS

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  • Murphy is trying to get a list of names, containing damaging information, from her source. She is also trying to beat her competitors from scooping the story. The only problem is that her source is more interested in wooing Murphy than he is in the list.

    This is a really hilarious episode. Lily Tomlin dressed in drag as "Rick" is priceless. She plays it to a tee and the scenes and dialogue that take place on the dance floor, alone, are well worth watching this one. This is one of those well written episodes that reminds you of classic sitcoms such as, "Ilove Lucy" or even "The Honeymooners." Each of Murphy's co-wokers thinks that they are doing the right thing when they show up at the meeting between Murphy and her source but they only proceed to make it worse until in an ironic twist, the source gives the list up just to get away from the crazy antics of the gang.