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    So far we only have season one on DVD, and it doesn't look like season two and onwards will be coming out anytime soon. Why is that? lets put together a campaign or something to get all of the seasons of the great show released on DVD!
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    The reason and season 1 has only has been released is failure a focus group level music costs per Time Warner. They have to pay for the use ofall the Motown/Atlantic musicetcused for the show and it has syrocketed and they say its not worth it if there is no demand. We demand it but others.....Just wait until its on cable again and record them. I would have back on TVLand if I had known what I know now.

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    For me, this can be classified as one of the top5 best sitcoms ever made! A smart, fresh and with show that you’ll surely get hooked on! Candice Bergen really deserves the Emmy’s because she really portrayed her role as Murphy Brown herself. She’s really great and of course with the help of the cast, Fait Ford, Charles Kimbrough and Joe Ragalbulto, this show wouldn't be a smash without their help the good story line as well! Too bad the series got cancelled after it’s decade of reaching the top rates in primetime viewing in television. I want to relive the moment and bought a DVD boxset at yourdvdcorner . com. I’m so thankful and contented now that I can replay these discs how many times I want!! I’m really happy to watch this show all over again! Murphy Brown will be forever treasured by every fans of this TV show like me!
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