Murphy Brown

Season 10 Episode 11

From the Terrace

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1997 on CBS

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  • A Great Episode.....

    Everybody gets stuck outside the balcony and they can't get back in. Kay doesn't have a key this time, even though she usually has a key with her. She thinks that because of that it is because of fate, and it is not because it is random.

    She was right, because of the couple that was about to split up notices them stranded on the balcony and the are wondering why they are on the balcony, or terrace, and Corky wishes that she would get to see The Christmas Tree Lighting, but it turns out that she gets to see it anyways, with all of her friends, and they all get to spend part of their Christmas Holiday together watching the tree get lit. And the couple thinks that that is why they are on the balcony, and I really like this episode a lot because even though that

    Kay says to Murphy (Are They Sisters??) it probably wasn't fate because it isn't like it changed anybody's life or anything...but what really makes this episode the best one is that it did change somebody's life, and it was probably the reason why Kay forgot her key. This is a very good episode......

    But I thought I heard that Kay and Murphy are sisters. It makes sense, because they talk the same, and they kinda look alike. They look like that they are the same age or something.