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  • love this sitcom

    This is the best sitcom among others!!!!! It's very smart and sidesplitting ahaha!!! Candice rocks the show and she really deserved the Emmy trophies! Because of her excellent job for making this TV series really great and of course the rest of the cast, they did a great role, too! Too bad the series stopped after 10 years reigning the primetime television. Thankfully, the DVD set I purchased from memorylanedvd .com was made of vivd images and nice sounds! I'm really glad to see this show once more and thanks to memorylanedvd .com for giving me this chance!
  • Murphy Brown

    I watched the reruns of this masterpiece when I was a kid (about 10 years ago). I loved Murphy, her colleagues, twisted mother, smart little son, her sassy painter and the workplace comedy being mixed with the family humor. Yes, this woman is a recovering alcoholic who dedicated her life to her beloved profession. Being a successful journalist is what she does best.

    I must say that not many shows (especially sitcoms) would give the main character a cancer-storyline in it's last season to spice it up a bit. This show will be remembered forever. So many wonderful memories, but it would be so much better with just 8 seasons (everybody knows that 9+10 were kind of weak and the comedy was not that great in those last two years). And for that I'd give it a solid 8.0/10.
  • Bring it Back in 2012


    I loved this show and still do. The person asking about Audrey, she went on to Fraser and now is on Hot in Cleveland. I really wish the wrtiters and Diane English would consider bringing back Murphy Brown for the 2012 election.....

    Bring it back please :)

    I think Diane and Candice could have had a blast in 2008 with Sarah Palin and the rest of the canidates.

  • Still my favorite sitcom

    I watched Murphy Brown for the first time when I was about 10 - 12 years old. Back then I couldn't grasp even half of the jokes in the show but nevertheless it fascinated me. The characters were extremely well written and had wonferful interaction between each other. It was a pleasure to watch them fighting, laughing, or whatever they were doing. The reason is that all of them had many flaws and all of them were more or less self-centric (of course, Murphy's ego was huger than anyone else's). Certainly, the formula wouldn't have worked without the brilliant ensemble cast which (in my opinion) was the basis of the show's success and the superb writing. Later, when I was older, I came to appreciate the other wonderful aspect of Murphy Brown as well - the satire. The ability of the writers to balance the funny and the serious has always impressed me. Some people find the show preachy but I strongly disagree.
    The only season I found weak is season 9. But the 10th was great and the show returned to its origins with it. It was a perfect way to say goodbye.
  • One of the best shows out there

    Murphy Brown/Candice Bergen is an inspiration in her own light; I'm sure this show has made quite a few people consider journalism as a career based on FYI and the cast of Murphy brown. the rest of the cast has done a wonderful job in portraying their roles. Sharp wit. Wonderful dialog. A lot of nicely shot scenes and memorable moments. Funny and unique characters. Great writing! Murphy Brown remains a favorite of mine to the day. I own Season 1 on DVD and have already watched it several times; it never ceases to be funny. Now if only they'll release the rest of the show on DVD.
  • I didn't care for it too much. It was sort of funny but that was about as much substance as it had.

    Candice Bergan plays the same character now forcing her beliefs on people as she did on Murphy Brown. There were som funny jokes, but when you use a show as propaganda for your beliefs, political, religious, or any other I don't really care for that too much. It's kind of sad that these people feel like they have to do that, because that was really the only thing wrong with Murphy Brown. The unfortunate part was that the only the wrong was used during about 80% of the show especially towards the last few seasons that is was on the air.
  • This show was one of the best shows on the air from the 80's until the 90's. It hit America's funny bone hard and never let go. It was one of the earliest shows that I got hooked on and watched until the day that it sadly went off the air.

    I wish that there were more shows like Murphy Brown out there today, that actually make the audience think. I had a blast seeing Murphy and the gang go through daily life and the many problems in it with such class, character and humanity. Each episode, for the most part, was special in their own way.

    My all time favorite episode was "Waiting to Inhale", the episode where Murphy is fighting breast cancer and Jim goes and tries to get her some marjuana from a drug dealer. What happens next is just pure Murphy Brown. It cracked me up when I first saw that episode back when it originally aired and it still does today.

    Too bad more shows don't have that much guts anymore. The writing just isn't as original and that kind of thing in todays' shows. In fact, Murphy Brown kind of predicted the coming of reality tv in a way. There was an episode where everyone was in one of the bosses' offices' and they showed the board where all of the new shows were listed on, and all that were on it for the most part, were reality tv shows. Kind of ironic, when I look back at it, and rather sad as well.

    Murphy Brown will always be missed for its' sharp humor and insight into life and the world itself, and will be remembered for it as well.
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    I think this show is really great. I love Murphy and also Corky and whole cast. The first seasons were the best, but the rest of seasons wasnt also bad.

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  • Never should of gotten cancelled.

    This is a good show you have to admit. When it first came on I wast to intrested but later on I got more and more into it and now I like it. I havent seen alot of episodes but I still do like it. This show had a future no matter what anybody said.
  • Murphy Brown always gets the story. And sometimes the story gets her. Hilarious and intelligent tales of a news crew in Washington, D.C.

    Journalist Murphy Brown comes back from a successful battle against her former alcohol problem to find the newsroom more of a zoo than ever. Truth is still stranger than fiction. She can't accept any of the rankly incompetent folks who try to fill the chair of the secretary's desk outside her office; her new boss looks fresh-faced enough to still be in college; and her co-anchors are sometimes more trial than help. Add to the mix a house-painter, Eldin, who comes to work on her house and can't quite get the hang of leaving, and Phil, owner of the best bar in town and a friend who makes sure Murphy now orders nothing stronger than club soda.

    The show cribs generously from other classic comedies, the most obvious being "Mary Tyler Moore," but has plenty of individuality as well. One of the most clever and memorable shows to come down the pike. Still excels much of what's on the air today.
  • This is one of the best shows I\'ve ever seen!

    Murphy Brown is the best show,filled with hilarious jokes and awsome actors! Everyone should watch this show...Candice Bergen plays murph so well. This is so funny I just laugh out loud, This really is a classic! I wish I got into it when it was on TV but I was only about 5. But thanks to nick@nite I love this show. This show really nvr got boring!
  • Boring.

    There is one word that can basicall sum up the entire series of this show. That word would be "boring". I put this show on whenever I need to go to sleep. The story lines are stupid and totally confusin. How it ever ran as long as it did on television, I'll never know for sure. It is politically incorrect and unoriginal. Not to mention the poorly casted characters, who's characters are frivolous and not worth watching. No wonder Nick At Nite doesn't play it all that often anymore. It is stupid, a complete waste of time and will put you right to sleep.
  • Murphy Brown

    Murphy Brown takes off with a strong female lead character - one of the best characters ever. The smart & hilarious writers paved the way for many controversial/current event topics. From the idea of having a new secertary almost every show to Dan Quayle to Breast Cancer to Pee Wee Herman. This show ROCKED and will continue to ROCK in reruns!
  • I never really got into this show until a few months ago...

    I was never really a fan of the 90's shows until last summer when I stayed up to watch Roseanne and Whos the Boss. This show aired at 3:30am every night and I felt myself staying up till then to watch it. This show is pretty funny and its alot better than I thought it would be. I really liked the later seasons, only becase I felt they were talking about stuff I know about (since I grew up in the 90's). I contine to watch this show and it I might get the DVD if there is one when it comes out. Overall this show is a good show and a classic. Lovable characters and great plots.
  • Cutting edge in the wrong way. A news show that's only saving grace is the fact that it fortold the future, and half decent jokes.

    Murphy Brown is a show about a news room in the 90s. A trip in the way back machine gives us a look at the 90s, and when compared to the post 2000 election, was a time when no one really cared about politics. The name Bush and Clinton was very well known however naming the head of the Senate, or even 3 senators not from their immediate district was impossible, except for the few people who'd rather watch the news then a sitcom.

    This show was targeted at those people, it missed.

    However millions of viewers tuned in to get educated on politics so they can feel smarter. If getting political knowledge from a sitcom sounds impossible, doing it is impossible. You learned how "stupid" Dan Quayle is, how semi prominent republican is doing some scandalous act and so on.

    Basically the show started out with a staff doing a show similar to 60 minutes, or other Sunday news digest. This one had a very liberal slant, I guess they went with a believable premise.

    Then when half way through the show the Republican government lost control of the presidency and the big name in the Oval Office, was Bill Clinton. Suddenly attacking the Presidential Office is completely taboo, except for a few tamer jokes. All of a sudden the show seemed to be more on the actions of the staff, Murphy's work on exposing conspiracy, a pit bull like tenacity to attack any person she can to get a scoop. Of course they could always attack other news people and find it clever.

    In addition it seems they felt a need to do more "family" oriented views and all of a sudden Murphy Brown has a baby to bring a more family show, then almost a year after the baby comes the focus is pushed off the baby as if she almost ignores it completely again for her career, when only at the beginning of the year she almost left the job to focus on the kid.

    This show sounds poor, it's because it really doesn't shine, it's ratings must be attributed at the time because it fooled people into thinking they were intellectuals for watching this show. However it doesn't work well in repeats, all the jokes are dated. Either the people watching it has no idea who these people are. The jokes are old and tired. The Dan Quayle jokes alone are so stale they are now being recycled to be targeted at our current president with mixed results.

    The one hold over is that the show almost foretold the future. In the 90s the news networks didn't have competition and in the late 90s many major news networks almost turned completely liberal. In addition after the Lewinsky scandal, almost every reporter seemed to turn to the levels of Murphy Brown, to do almost anything for a story, no matter what level in the organization is. Thinking that landing a major story would make them land the big time, similar to Matt Drudge.

    But the problem is thus. The fact that the real news now imitates Murphy Brown makes the show nothing more then a eerie portal to the future of news. It's not exactly comedy, and it's not a drama.

    Even worse as the show goes on almost weekly Murphy and the crew are at each others throats, Almost every season there's 2-3 episodes that are almost the same story, if not multiple story lines being reused. It's boring to see retrospectives, or watching the crew snipe at each other for the umpteenth time, or snipe at a random person.

    That all being said, the show has a couple great stories the first time. IF you can hear something from congress and not sigh about the person's liberals or conservative views this show's slant might not be a problem, and there's some interesting story lines.

    In addition the show is hilarious when you realize that this amounted to comedy back then. When it's so liberal that it seems like a normal news show now. Sadly most conservatives will wonder how this show got on the air, and most liberals will wonder why this show is so revolutionary, as it's common place now for news shows to act like this.

    The biggest problem however is Murphy isn't a role model, even when they try to do a VSE (Very Special Episode type show, when lessons are learned))Murphy comes of callous at best, and just pissy at worse. 10 years of her antics was probably 6-7 too many. Sadly this show is just an example of Why TV shows from the 80-90s are hard to call classics. It's got as many parts stuck in time as Doogie Howsers (everything works out. In a hold up? you can boogie around dance, play video games with the gunman, as friend, and then learn that important lesson) or Family Ties (every week was a VSE).

    Sadly this is one of those shows I watch now on Nick At Nite between Rosanne and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, snickering once, but always wondering why I don't turn it to something else.
  • One of the best sitcoms out there.

    "Murphy Brown" is one of the best-written sitcoms ever. Over the course of 10 seasons, the show had many plot twists, some of which were unusal for a sitcom. For example, in the 10th season, Murphy is diagnosed with breast cancer. Though cancer is certainly a sensitive subject, somehow the show manages to find humor in it. Other major events on the show are Murphy's pregnancy and the birth of her son Avery. "Birth 101," the episode in which Avery makes his entrance, is undoubtedly one of the funniest. Throughout all the changes in cast and plot line, there's always one thing a viewer can count on, Murphy's endless parade of secretaries. Almost any sort of unusual or offbeat person one could think of showed up as a secretary at some point.

  • So Cool

    This was one of the first shows I ever got into and my mum thought I was crazy.
    I loved it and thought it was really funny even though I was really young at the time.
    The last season was by far the best and the part of Murphy was played so well.
  • One of my all time favorites.

    Murphy had the guts to say what was on her mind. Sometimes it really worked in her favor. The episode where she gets kidnapped comes to mind. It was hilarious. The never ending paint job would've gotten on my nerve had the painter not been Elden. He gave as good as he got from Murphy. When she asked him if he thought she would be a good mother, he answers "no, but I will". Good show.
  • When the character "Jim" left FYI to become a news director. The show lost it's focus, which had been on relations between the news characters & biting political humor and became a preachy "public service announcement" from that point forward.

    The descent of Murphy Brown into the shark pit was definitely a slow one. A slight jump took place when Murphy had the baby. The actual episode where she gave birth was great, but little Avery ultimately softened the title character and dulled the program's marvelous satirical edge. The next slight leap took place when Eldin departed. Robert Pastorelli was absolutely brilliant as the eccentric house painter, and without him, Murphy's homelife seemed to disappear before our eyes. In the coming years, we watched the wonderful Scott Bakula trapped in a dead end role, saw a painfully contrived relationship develop between Corky and Miles, and even saw Paul Ruebens join the cast. Still, fairly good writing and the great cast kept the show on track. The major jump finally occured when Miles Silverberg departed. He was the funniest and most likable character on the show, and Grant Shaud's winning portrayal always brought a smile to my face. Without Miles, the delicate chemistry and the writing seemed to fall apart at the seams. The last two seasons with Lily Tomlin are not worth your time or mine. A sad end to a truly fine television program.
  • What Happened To Audrey?

    At first Miles is engaged to Audrey, and now he's married to Corky. That's the last thing I would have expected. Plus at the end of the show they lost Audrey, Jim, Miles, and Eldin. They keep getting more sponsors or producers or whatever for FYI all the time and they always have problems with them, and this extra news anchor. Oh, wait...There's Jim now. I thought he retired. I don't know why Murphy can't keep a secretary. But the show did start around 1988, and used a markerboard. One of the first, and earliest, and for a long time, the only show with one. They should be rewarded for that. But the show did air long enough for it to air again. But I can never understand how Viacom can keep the Nick @ Nite block on all the time. They only show The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince, and never airs anything else. They keep bringing new shows and then stop airing them but they never stop airing The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince. I would like to see more of Murphy Brown, but I don't want to wake up at 2 AM to see it. I love the characters. They are all funny. I liked Lily Tomlin. Her character worked on the show and then filled in Miles Executive Producer Spot. When I saw her, she looked, and sounded like one of the teachers that works at my school.
  • Murphy Brown was one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. It was very well written and very funny.The show often parodied actual events.That along with Murphys Independence and Vulnerability made it a very enjoyable show to watch.

    Murphy Brown was one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. I thought it was very well written and very funny. Murphy Brown\'s plots often periodied actual current events which at that time set a new standard for television entertainment. Murphy had a very liberated and Independent style while also being very vulnerable which in my opinion made her very enjoyable to watch.
  • Some of the jokes and references are outdated, but I don't think that's really a bad thing...

    This is one of my favorite shows ever. Even during corny and annoying moments, it's extremely enjoyable. I adore Murphy's childish pranks and general aura.

    My only complaints would be their over-emphasized importance and connections and Frank. I don't why but he just pisses me off.

    I love the addition of Lily Tomlin's character of Kay Carter-Shepley. Normally, I hate the akward, sudden removal and replacement of character, but Kay is much more interesting and has much better chemistry with Candice Bergen and is altogether more interesting than Grant Shaud's Miles.

    It's a show that I deem worthy of staying up until 5 a.m. to watch on Nick @ Nite.
  • Murphy Brown is the star anchor on the news magazine FYI. She is an abrasive former alcoholic who often finds herself at odds with all sorts of people.

    I never watched this show when it was originally aired but now I watch it on Nick at Nite everynight. It is often predictable but it is still enjoyable. The best episodes are that ones that contain cameos from famous public figures. Murphy Brown always included good social commentaries in its episodes and is a great watch.
  • Not too sure.. I think its something like The Drew Carrey Show.

    This show is good. I watch this show all the time. It comes on sometimes here on the east coast around 3:00AM. Before Wings. I like Murphy Brown. Shes funny. She has a raw since of humor. I Like that. LoL shes not afrade to tell you whats on her mind. I love this show
  • Murphy Brown faces on a news reporter for the weekly newsmagazine 'FYI', who deals with many secretaries, a weird exec producer, and a whole cast of idiots. The laughs are great, the times are great, the plots are great, and because of Murphy, Dan Quayle

    Murphy Brown is a very funny comedy. Throughout its 10-year run, most people enjoyed it, not for the laughs, but for the deep story plots. Unlike 90s sitcoms like 'Friends' and 'Mad About You', 'Murphy Brown' had some depth, continuing plots, similar to what 'The Nanny' did for many years. And, it was CBS' flagship comedy for many years, establishing many hits. Despite declining ratings in its last years, it remained part of why the 90s for sitcoms were so great.

    When Dan Quayle talked about morales during the 1992 campaign, Murphy Brown was one of the shows he mentioned as a bad example. Murphy Brown would spend the remainder of that season bad mouthing the Vice President/ex-Vice President. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore was elected, it seemed that Quayle's speech had become an embarrasment for him. Quayle hasn't been in politics since after the campaign.
  • A sitcom that is different. However a bit outdated in the jokes department.

    Murphy Brown is one of my favorite shows. Mainly because it is so different. It is very original for a sitcom and you never get that feeling of it had been done before but better.

    Now there is one drawback to the show. That is that some of the jokes relied on the politics of the time. Therefore some of the jokes are outdated but if you know just a bit about politics of the time then this shouldn't be much of a problem. Now for me due to my age some of the jokes still go over my head. However if you are older then this shouldn't be much of a problem.

    One thing about this show is it grows on you. I wasn't wild about it in the begining. However after about 3 episodes I was hooked. Definetly a show you should give a try.
  • This show is underappreciated because of the fact that it is an idea that no one has really covered in a sitcom anymore. I say this because most sictoms (besides Cheers and Wings) have people living in a house with a family. Try to give it a chance.

    Like i said in my summary its a show that isnt a been there done that sort of thing. Maybe the humor isnt that funny, but you have to give the creators credit, because it is an intersting sitcom. I think that the cast is brillaint. They really make the viewers feel that they are hard working indivduals working as writers for there FYI. (Well most of the time).