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CBS (ended 1998)





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  • This show was one of the best shows on the air from the 80's until the 90's. It hit America's funny bone hard and never let go. It was one of the earliest shows that I got hooked on and watched until the day that it sadly went off the air.

    I wish that there were more shows like Murphy Brown out there today, that actually make the audience think. I had a blast seeing Murphy and the gang go through daily life and the many problems in it with such class, character and humanity. Each episode, for the most part, was special in their own way.

    My all time favorite episode was "Waiting to Inhale", the episode where Murphy is fighting breast cancer and Jim goes and tries to get her some marjuana from a drug dealer. What happens next is just pure Murphy Brown. It cracked me up when I first saw that episode back when it originally aired and it still does today.

    Too bad more shows don't have that much guts anymore. The writing just isn't as original and that kind of thing in todays' shows. In fact, Murphy Brown kind of predicted the coming of reality tv in a way. There was an episode where everyone was in one of the bosses' offices' and they showed the board where all of the new shows were listed on, and all that were on it for the most part, were reality tv shows. Kind of ironic, when I look back at it, and rather sad as well.

    Murphy Brown will always be missed for its' sharp humor and insight into life and the world itself, and will be remembered for it as well.