Murphy Brown

CBS (ended 1998)





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  • What Happened To Audrey?

    At first Miles is engaged to Audrey, and now he's married to Corky. That's the last thing I would have expected. Plus at the end of the show they lost Audrey, Jim, Miles, and Eldin. They keep getting more sponsors or producers or whatever for FYI all the time and they always have problems with them, and this extra news anchor. Oh, wait...There's Jim now. I thought he retired. I don't know why Murphy can't keep a secretary. But the show did start around 1988, and used a markerboard. One of the first, and earliest, and for a long time, the only show with one. They should be rewarded for that. But the show did air long enough for it to air again. But I can never understand how Viacom can keep the Nick @ Nite block on all the time. They only show The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince, and never airs anything else. They keep bringing new shows and then stop airing them but they never stop airing The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince. I would like to see more of Murphy Brown, but I don't want to wake up at 2 AM to see it. I love the characters. They are all funny. I liked Lily Tomlin. Her character worked on the show and then filled in Miles Executive Producer Spot. When I saw her, she looked, and sounded like one of the teachers that works at my school.