Murphy Brown - Season 2

CBS (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Brown Like Me (1)
    Brown Like Me (1)
    Episode 10
    Murphy is set to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, so the rest of the staff convince her that at least one of her estranged parents should attend. She concedes and invites her father, but the sparks fly when her father arrives with his new young wife and child and later her mother shows up.moreless
  • On the Road Again
    On the Road Again
    Episode 21
    On a publicity jaunt, Murphy and Jim find themselves snowbound in Kansas. While killing time in the bar Murphy challenges Jim's ability to flirt, something Jim may later regret.
  • Bad Girls
    Bad Girls
    Episode 19
    It's February and sweeps month, so Miles gets Murphy and Corky to pose as hookers to break open an oil company scandal.
  • The Strike
    The Strike
    Episode 12
    To start a significant dialog, Murphy decides she will break the technicians' strike by bringing both sides together for cake and conversation.
  • The Brothers Silverberg
    When Miles arrives to the office, the whole gang makes fun of his new suit. He says he bought it because his older brother is coming to town so he wants to look good. At Murphy's office, Miles asks her to join them for lunch, Murphy reluctantly agrees. At Phil's Miles' brother Josh and Murphy really hit it off, which makes Miles a little uncomfortable. They also agree to go all to dinner together at a fancy italian restaurant. Miles brings his date Audrey Cohen, they all have a nice time at first but then Miles starts embarassing Murphy. The next day, Miles apologizes to Murphy about the way he behaved at the restaurant. One night Miles, Murphy and Josh arrive at her house after dinner, Murphy and Josh want to be alone but Miles is always getting in the middle, so they politely ask him to leave. Miles shows up in the middle of the night just to tell Murphy that he does not like the idea of her dating his brother at all. Josh arrives after being looking for Miles for hours, they start arguing at Murphy's living room, but then make up and leave. After being ignored by the brothers Silverberg, Murphy decides that she does not need men, and maybe she should start her own country, with women only, because men are dispensable.moreless
  • Brown Like Me (2)
    Brown Like Me (2)
    Episode 11
    The sparks and the barbs fly back and forth; however, eventually the Browns call a truce. To quote Murphy: "Interesting family, kind of like a Fellini version of the Waltons."
  • The Bitch's Back
    The Bitch's Back
    Episode 25
    Miles orders the staff to take a stress reduction class. After reluctantly showing up for it, Murphy slips a disc however that doesn't stop her from working on a hot story.
  • Here's to You Mrs. Kinsella
    While Murphy is throwing a birthday party for Gene Kinsella, Miles recognizes a woman he had a one-night stand with at a broadcaster's convention, Mrs. Kinsella. However, Kinsella thinks that his wife is having an affair with Frank.
  • TV or Not TV
    TV or Not TV
    Episode 4
    An FYI inspired sitcom sends its star to Washington to research her part, Murphy Brown.
  • Heart of Gold
    Heart of Gold
    Episode 20
    When Murphy learns things about Jerry Gold that no one else is privy to, she looks at him in a different light. They begin to have an affair that shocks everyone at FYI.
  • And the Whiner Is...
    Murphy & Frank lose the Humboldt Award to Corky. Then to ride the PR wave, the network brass decide to give next week's lead story to the award winner.
  • What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
    Corky is having a New Year's Eve party, and Murphy wants to avoid it. Everyone challenges her to be able enjoy the occasion without the her old vice. Sober, Murphy can still bring life to a dull party.
  • The Memo that Got Away
    A high-school computer hacker stumbles onto a memo by Murphy about her co-workers, and he plans to publish it in the school paper.
  • Anchors Away
    Anchors Away
    Episode 2
    The network sends Jim to Libya for two weeks, so they can audition a handsome new anchor for FYI; they don't count on the retaliation of Murphy and the gang.
  • I Want My FYI
    I Want My FYI
    Episode 16
    Miles asks the staff to be mentors for a group of young reporters who will be doing a pilot for an FYI type program for kids; Murphy over helps her protégé.
  • Fax or Fiction
    Fax or Fiction
    Episode 24
    When a secret admirer sends a fax to Miles, Murphy takes it as a challenge to answer for him and then winds up starting a correspondence.
  • Going to the Chapel (2)
    Upon returning, Corky decides to go ahead with the wedding, but the event is marred by even more last minute indecision, and then Murphy brings out the "soul."
  • Subpoena Envy
    Subpoena Envy
    Episode 15
    Murphy is subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, but instead of divulging her source she goes to jail. Prison is not what she hoped for or expected, but then neither is the duration of her stay.
  • Frankly Speaking
    Frankly Speaking
    Episode 17
    Frank meets the woman of his dreams, a woman he dates more than once. However, she is a psychologist and analyzes every little thing Frank does, something that drives him crazier than he already is.
  • Roasted
    Episode 9
    The staff plans a surprise roast for Jim on his 25th anniversary at the network, he tells Murphy before the event that he "couldn't handle a chance meeting with anyone I know."
  • Going to the Chapel (1)
    When a "geek" from her high school days comes to Washington, Corky's mother & his mother arrange to have them get together. They meet, fall in love, and within two weeks announce their plans to get married. Corky runs out into the night with Eldin, when she thinks that maybe she hasn't really experienced life.moreless
  • Frank's Appendectomy
    A series of outrageous practical jokes, which start with a visit from "Deep Throat," get out of hand.
  • The Murphy Brown School of Broadcasting
    Murphy's journalism mentor from her high school days has retired, to combat inactivity he comes to Washington to open a journalism school using her name.
  • Miles' Big Adventure
    While on vacation, Miles' return flight is delayed by an Air Force pilot who has hijacked an F15-Eagle loaded with nuclear warheads.
  • Whose Garbage is it Anyway?
    Jerry Gold bets the staff that they can't be environmentally responsible for a two week period, if they lose Murphy must appear on his show.
  • But First a Word From Our Sponsor
    A worried viewer urges advertisers to boycott FYI for an upcoming piece Murphy has on sex education. Murphy flies out to keep the one sponsor they have for the controversial show.
  • Buddies Schmuddies
    Buddies Schmuddies
    Episode 6
    Frank and Murphy compete for the same story, but their intense competition puts the story in jeopardy. Phil, to improve his business at night, tries adding live entertainment to the bar.