Murphy Brown - Season 6

CBS (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • The More Things Change
    An arrogant new colleague threatens everyone on the staff, especially Murphy who's just reduced her role on FYI resulting from the pressures of motherhood. Their relationship hits it off real well just as the show is ready to air.
  • Angst For the Memories
    Murphy gets an interview with a reclusive '60s literary idol, but times and people have changed.
  • Black and White and Read All Over
    After going to a function with Mitchell, Murphy begins to date him. Is there anything there, or do they just like it when heads turn?
  • Political Correctness
    A series of on-air comments made by Peter and Murphy gets the staff forced to attend a seminar on political correctness.
  • The Young & the Rest of Us
    The staff gets nervous when Peter whisks away a depressed Corky on her 30th birthday.
  • Ticket to Writhe
    Ticket to Writhe
    Episode 6
    Peter and Murphy compete for the Middle East peace story. Miles obtains sideline passes to a Redskins' game where he plans to propose to Audrey via the scoreboard, but finds he is so wrapped up with work he didn't even notice that she has left him. Corky thinks the passes are cursed when more bad things occur to anyone in possession of them.moreless
  • I Don't Know You From Madam
    Murphy works reluctantly on a story the network brass wants on "The Beltway Madam," a high priced call girl who's just been exposed and is the hottest story in town.
  • All the Life That's Fit to Print
    Murphy has nightmares about what her colleagues will say about her when they are interviewed for a biography that she has authorized to be written.
  • Bah Humboldt
    Bah Humboldt
    Episode 9
    Peter, Frank & Murphy are all nominated for the Humboldt Award. While at the ceremony, Murphy can't understand how disinterested Peter is in the award and Frank hears a rumor about a network having to make cutbacks.
  • Reaper Madness
    Reaper Madness
    Episode 10
    Murphy is obsessed with the need to try to explain death to Avery and bothers everyone for their perspective.
  • It's Not Easy Being Brown
    To improve upon her image, Murphy gets a publicist and makes an appearance on a children's puppet show.
  • To Have and Have Not
    Miles comes under public scrutiny when he is misquoted in a magazine article that makes him out to be the biggest male chauvinist in Washington, DC.
  • Sox and the Single Girl
    Miles manages to get an invitation to the White House for Murphy, but when she's driving back, she has another passenger in the car, Socks, the president's cat. Without knowing it yet, Murphy is braging at the bullpen on how great she behaved and how she monopolized Hillary. Frank shows up and tells them that the president's cat is missing, everybody thinks Murphy has something to do with it. Murphy is offended by their comments, she denies it and leave. Moments later she's back with something wrapped up in her coat. She tells Frank to her office and shows him Socks, soon after that the whole gang see it, and even though Murphy claims she's inocent, no one believe her. Miles says she must take the cat back. Murphy is afraid to do so, she things if they see her with the cat she'll be banned again from the White House. The next day, Murphy meets Miles at Phil's, she tells him she still has the cat, she's worried because the cat won't eat anything, and if there's anything worse than being caught with the president's cat is being caught with the president's *dead* cat. Miles starts freaking out, so Murphy decides to take the cat back. When Murphy is about to leave Phil's, Joan Lundan shows up. Murphy has a plan. She'll put the cat in Joan's car so she doesn't have to take the cat back herself. Problem solved.moreless
  • A Piece of the Auction
    Murphy gets rude remarks by radio personality, Marty Crane. She gets mad but the gang actually thinks the things Marty says about Murphy are funny. They're all now at a charity event at Phill's, while every one of the gang has donated something to be auctioned, Murphy has decided to donate herself, which means the winner will spend a whole day with her in the office and then go to dinner. Marty Crane is there, and buys Murphy for 10 thousand dollars. Murphy doesn't accept it at first but then agrees, after all it can't be that bad. But it is, Marty shows up at the bullpen with cameras and girls with costumes. At her office, they start talking and Marty says that by the end of the day, she'll start seing him differently. Murphy doesn't think so. At the restaurant Murphy doesn't seem to want people to see her with Marty, which he notices. They have a honest talk, and Murphy starts to understand his point of view and they make plans to get together again. The next morning while driving to work, Murphy turns on the radio and instead of rude comments she hears undecent ones about her, Marty said she's not the queen of ice, not at all, actually she's "hot and nasty". Murphy is fuming, and drives to the radio station immediately. When she gets there, Marty calms her down and convinces her that she's only mad because the jokes are about her, so they agree that the target of the jokes will be Diane Saywer from now on. Now Murphy can laugh.moreless
  • The Thrill of the Hunt
    An injured Peter returns from Bosnia and eventually they admit missing each other and decide to have a relationship they know will go down in flames.
  • The Deal of the Art
    The Deal of the Art
    Episode 16
    Murphy's report and comments about modern art lead to her appearance on a PBS talk show, defending her views against art critics. Later she takes one of Avery's paintings and puts it on display to show them what they really know about art.
  • The Anchorman
    The Anchorman
    Episode 17
    Jim decides to open an English pub called "The Anchorman" and it turns out to be a big success as a gay bar.
  • Fjord Eyes Only
    Fjord Eyes Only
    Episode 18
    The team travels to Lillehammer, and Murphy, who's more interested in getting free stuff, has a "fluff piece" interview with a skater, which results in a disaster for Norway.
  • Crime Story
    Crime Story
    Episode 19
    After her car is stolen out of her driveway, Murphy joins the neighborhood watch, but discovers that her neighbors are borderline vigilantes.
  • The Fifth Anchor
    The Fifth Anchor
    Episode 20
    FYI's 17th anniversary show is more than complete when an annoying former anchor returns. They plot to get rid of him again until Murphy finds out what he once did for her before the 1st show.
  • Anything But Cured
    Anything But Cured
    Episode 21
    Frank's psychologist tells him after 18 years of therapy that he's cured and needs to move on and he leans on Murphy for support.
  • The Tip of the Silverburg
    When Murphy take Miles shopping for a new suit, he becomes humiliated when she "sees it" and then everyone else finds out. Later, everyone else lets out their most embarrassing moment.
  • It's Just Like Riding a Bike
    Peter returns to town and he and Murphy pick up right where they left off. Back at her place, Murphy delays the inevitable.
  • My Movie With Louis
    My Movie With Louis
    Episode 24
    Despite the network's policy against it, Murphy decides to play a "small, but pivotal role" in director Louis Malle's new film. After getting the script, Murphy goes to the set to get changes made that will protect her "journalistic integrity."
  • The More Things Stay the Same
    Frank, Jim and Murphy are all up for contract renewals as FYI celebrates the airing of its 500th broadcast and their egos go unchecked.