Murphy Brown

Season 1 Episode 7

Set Me Free

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 1988 on CBS

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  • The FYI broadcast is interrupted by a very special guest. With a very special firearm.

    Murphy wants to quit smoking. That bad nicotine won't let go of her so easily, and she goes from shaking the machine in the hallway to just plain feeling horrible after that. The show must go on, however, and Ms. Brown and the rest of the crew try to carry on as normal.

    Then a man shows up asking to add a segment to the program. Only it's not an update on proceedings in Congress or a recall of auto parts. It's a threat that if they don't read his statement on the air, he'll use the gun he's carrying.

    This is not the way anyone had hoped to grab points in the ratings!

    The gang schemes to disarm him through a unique mixture of trickery and desperate pleading. Sanity wins the day, but not before crazy gets to play some hands as well.

    A witty and tense episode with good acting and more than a few surprises.