Murphy's Law (1988) - Season 1

ABC (ended 1989)


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  • All's Wrong That Ends Wrong
    During a charity party, a bejewelled egg is stolen. Murphy suspects the cat burglar may be the daughter of Kovac, a renown jewel thief. Suspiciously Marissa is behaving too kind with Murphy.
  • Doing It the Hard Way is Always Easier
    Murphy is looking forward to see his daughter by the weekend, but Marissa, his ex-wife, has other plans on mind. Marissa has a flashback of her married life with Murphy.
  • Experience is Something You Don't Get Until Just After You Need It
    Murphy fights for visitation rights to his daughter; Kimi takes wedding vows to trap a polygamist.
  • When You're Over the Hill, You Pick Up Speed
    Morgana DeSade, the new boss, is making everyone's life miserable, Wes swears publicly to get rid of that Witch, as he calls her. But his death wish comes true and he becomes the main suspect. Murphy receives the visit of his eccentric Aunt Cornellia. Later Kimi and Murphy are flooded with more guests: Victor and Wes.moreless
  • Where's There's a Will, There's a Won't
    Wes resigns to his post after being ousted off his office by the contemptuous Victor. When Murphy and Kimi learn about it they try to re-establish him where he deserves to be.
  • Never Wear Earmuffs in a Bed of Rattlesnakes
    Kimi is about to travel to san Francisco, Murphy is delighted to be left alone. Kimi goes to the office to ask Wes to make company to Murphy, but a man takes them as hostages. The armed guy is named Max, the owner of a mare insured by the company. Meanwhile, Murphy is visited by Ian Ludlow, a fellow from the AA. Ludlow is in reality another p.i. hired by Murphy's ex to reveal some nasty facts about Murphy. He taps Murphy's phone line.moreless
  • Two Wrongs are Only the Beginning
    Murphy is assigned to deliver US$ 1 million in payment for the theft of a motorcycle known as the Road Hog. An accidental fire at the flat gives Murphy a chance to present a false image before a social worker.
  • Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing
    Murphy investigates the arson of some relief supplies bound for Ethiopia. A medic, Dr. Rodriguez, and an insurance fire investigator are involved in the scam. Kim goes to work undercover for a charity boss to find about his suspicious dealings. At the office, Murphy is promoted to claim manager.
  • Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn
    Unwittingly, Murphy becomes embroiled in an FBI operation when he tries to stop the ruckus of a disco located beneath his flat. Murphy is trying to pay somehow Mr. Epstein, his lawyer and the man suggests the p.i. to deliver subpoenas.
  • Do Someone a Favor and It Becomes Your Job
    Two scheming brothers, Dick and Christina, kill their rich uncle, but an inopportune vacuum cleaner salesman shows up to witness the deed. The murderers target Houlighan and the salesman resorts to Murphy to save his life and unmask the crooks.
  • If You Can't Win, Shoot for a Tie
    Marissa, Murphy's ex-wife, becomes embroiled in a case of jewel theft, Murphy takes advantage of the situation to visit his daughter. Besides, he has accepted to solve two of Victor's cases (Victor had been assigned to Marissa's case): retrieving a missing Rothweiler and delivering a check to captain for the value of his sunken ship.moreless
  • Where are My Socks and Other Mysteries of Love
    Stuart Graft, the owner of a fashion company, dies after somebody warns about a bomb planted in the plane he's travelling in. The man had prevented the crew from landing on a low level city because of a drug he should take. Meanwhile, Ms. Tapplinger, the new v.p. at the insurance company where Murphy works, demands more efficiency from the p.i. Wes assigns Murphy to unravel the Graft case.moreless
  • The Room Above the Indian Grocery
    George Segal plays Daedelus Patrick Murphy, an insurance-fraud investigator for whom everything that can go wrong seems to. After years of alcoholism, bankruptcy and bad relationships, he's finally back at work on a case: that of an heiress who reportedly died of heart failure, leaving 2 million dollars to her new husband.moreless