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DVD Episodes are cut??

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    [1]Apr 2, 2008
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    I've got the box set with series 1-5 and have just finished watching upto series 4. I hadn't seen all of the episodes but there were a few that stuck in my mind that I had seen a few times. However when I watched these episodes on DVD it seemed that some little bits had been cut out.

    For example, in series 3 episode 1. Caz Miller is meeting with Murphy in a pub. The meeting has been set up by that weedy man who set up the original gun deal. At one point the weedy man asks Caz for the money he is owed, and then Caz glasses him with a pint glass leaving his face very messy. Murphy even comments on this in a later scene. But in the DVD this never happens. you see them meeting and Murphy even comments about Miller glassing the guy, but you never actually see it. Anyone else notice this?

    Also in series 4 episode 3 we see Murphy shot in the neck by one of the 2 brothers. However at the start of the scene the 2 brothers both have their gun with them already, one is a Beretta 92 and the other is a revolver. Now when I watched this episode on TV i was sure you see how they actually get the guns. The older brother gets the revolver from behind a radiator or something in a property of his, and the younger brother buys his beretta from a guy in a block of flats. But one again we do not see these scenes.

    Has anyone else noticed this or anything like this on any other episodes? I'd love to know why they would do this. Do you think it's just to make the episodes fit on one DVD or what?

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    For some reason unknown to me, ITV used edited 50 minute versions on the DVDs instead of the broadcast 60 minute versions for all but season 1. It was made by the BBC, so the episodes were 60 minutes long as the BBC don't have adverts, but possibly ITV had shorter versions so they could put ads in when they aired them. Pity BBC didn't release the DVDs instead of ITV.
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