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MuscleCar, a television program on Spike TV, features car enthusiasts rebuilding old American muscle cars from the ground up. The show also goes into how the cars were originally built, as well as their history in America's automotive tradition. The series delves deep into the lives of mechanics, painters and auto technicians as they attempt to restore classic automobiles to their glory days. The show was brought into a group of car-related shows called the Powerblock as of 2006. The show was orginially co-hosted by Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman before Zimmerman left to return to Rad Rides by Troy. Left by hmself, Santiago employed shop assistants to help present the show during this time. On October 1st, 2007, Rick "The Arsonist" Bacon became a new co-host on the show. Santiago remained on the show until later that month. His final show aired on Febuary 17th, 2008 with his offical on-air announcement of his departure. co-host of the series until his last taping of the show on Friday, October 26, 2007. The final show with him as host aired on February 17, 2008 with his on air official announcement of his departure. After Santiago left left the series, Bacon took over hosting duties along with new co-hos Brent Buttrey. Buttery then left, to be replaced by new co-host by Tommy Boshers.


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AIRED ON 11/9/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 19

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  • olds 69

    Just had a question about the olds 69. Why putting the radiator in at angle? Also the piping you all made for it,is that really going to work without any rubber hosing at all. Can't wait to see it finished love olds,had a 65-442 when I was younger. Thanks for a great show.
  • 66 Charger Help Needed

    Picked up this 66 Charger about three years ago thinking it would be a fun restoration. Boy was aI wrong, too many things wrong with the car and after market parts are not manufactured much for this year and model. Make a long story short, I managed to finish most of the body, installed a universal wiring harness, reupholstered the seats and straightened, procured and buffed most of trim. This car has cost me both in cost and patience. Next couple of weeks body should be painted final, I then have to bolt things back on. Problems remain in dash, instruments and interior lighting terminations. Further the suspension, exhaust, wheels and tires hasn't been upgraded yet. Health including Cancer (currently in remission), age and lack of money are impeding me in getting this restoration done. Sure could use a little help especially in the under dash wiring. Thanks I'll keep watching the show, I think it is awesome.moreless
  • dodge dart fuel an fire sports aired 9-22-2012

    one of the guys was talking about vapor lock on older motors ive been a auto technition for

    33 years and never seen or heard of a motor have vaper lock and it realy cant happen

    here is the reasoning behind that a motor is runs off electricity ae starter motor ,heater blower motor while an enginge is internaly combusted and runs on gasoline or some type of fuel

    and yes i have seen and worked with engines with vapor lock problems. sorry but as a auto tech this is one of my biggest pet peeves is people especialy proffesionals calling engines motors

  • teacher!!

    the show is awesome, I always watch. Please tell the guys there is no such phrase as "whole nother" and no such word as 'heighth' LOL
  • My daddy's dream car

    When I was about 11 my mom was out looking at garage sales, and came across a 1979 Z28 camaro, my dad HAD to have it. They spent about 500 dollars for it, but its my dads pride and joy. well im 24 now and all these years it has sat in the back of our driveway, because growing up my dad hasn't had time to change it to what he wants it to be. He's always fixing other peoples cars including mine for little to nothing. Well about a year ago he hurt his back and had to have surgery, it kills him to work on it but yet in pain and all he still works on it everyday . I just hope that i get to see him drive it like hes wanted to for all these years before he gets to tired or old to finish it! so that being said im asking you for your help, i know myself and my dad would appreciate it, thanks so much! Samanthamoreless

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