MuscleCar - Season 2006

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Episode Guide

  • Lou Santiago and Mike Galley build a custom 4-link setup for Horsepower's Mustang race car.
  • Spike TV needs a high-performance Mustang for the AutoRox awards show and Lou and Jared only have three days to build it. They make a brand-new Mustang GT event stronger and more sinister and drive it onstage with just minutes to spare.
  • Project Rustang
    Episode 21
    Lou has a big challenge ? a sadly abused ?65 Mustang Fastback that?s already been the victim of wrecks, rust, and bad repairs. First step ? fabricate a whole new front end! Then, we?ll go to the track with a muscle classic, the last of the real Olds 442s.
  • 9/2/06
    After months of work, the Crate Camaro is on the ground and running - and we'll give it away later this year! We'll "flash back" to a legendary Hemi - an all-original '69 Super Bee street racer.
  • 7/29/06
    A little old lady really did drive the '70 Nova that we're turning into a sleeper. Today, the old straight six comes out and we start fitting a 440hp GM LS2 crate motor backed with a Rockland six-speed! And we'll see big-block and turbo muscle at the Buick Horsepower Nationals in Indianapolis.moreless
  • 8/5/06
    Our 33,000-mile original ?70 Nova continues on the path to greatness! Lou finishes the motor and tranny installation and puts air suspension in the front ? all without changing the stock look. And our ?Flashback? segment profiles a rare Mopar ? the 69 ? Road Runner 440 Six-Pack.
  • MuscleCar: The Sleeper Nova
    It really did belong to an elderly lady who drove it less than 20 miles a week, but now our Nova project is becoming a street warrior.
  • MuscleCar: The Challenger Returns
    After months of work, the "Project Overkill" Challenger starts the long path back to the road.
  • Jared shows how to get the Crate Camaro's paint just right with tools and techniques that you can use on your own muscle car. Lou demonstrates what to look for when you're buying a project car and we profile one of the most outrageous muscle cars ever built - the Plymouth Superbird.moreless
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    We visit a west coast custom shop as an original '68 GT350 becomes a 'retro concept' - the car that Shelby might have built nearly forty years ago.
  • Lou & Jared build a new rear end for the El Camino parts Truck and head out on the road to see if they can break it again. The Challenger gets fender-well braces to back up its race-car suspension and we visit the Mopar nationals in Ohio.
  • MuscleCar: Nova Engine Swap
    Nova Engine Swap
  • Our work on the Project Mustang is tested on the strip.
  • 0.0
    Our Crate Camaro's off the jacks and on the ground! It's a '69 convertible built entirely from new and reproduction parts and this week we'll have it sitting on its wheels with the body assembled and ready for wiring.
  • 11/18/06
    We'll revisit some classic muscle cars from the sixties - they were affordable street racers forty years ago, but today they're six-figure collector cars, and they can still burn up the pavement!