MuscleCar - Season 2007

Spike TV Premiered Jan 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 6/18/07
    Lou starts on the mustang Outlaw Racer" project. Different sanctioning bodies and race classes are discussed. The mustang is stripped down and Lou begins fabrication on the frame. Flashback segment covers the Trans-Am inspired AAR Cuda!"
  • 2/25/07
    "Lou gets back to the Outlaw Racer" frame and starts the rollcage build-up. Flashback segment covers the Shelby GT 500!"
  • 2/11/07
    "The Outlaw Racer" project is media blasted down to the bare metal. Lou fabricates the front end and mounts the mustang body to the frame. Flashback segment covers professional drag racer Bruce Litton's rare Chevelle LS6 convertible!"
  • 3/18/07
    Watch automotive history unfold as Lou discovers a lost Plymouth Superbird built by the legendary NASCAR builder Ray Nichels! Designed for the Environmental Protection Agency, this Superbird chased commercial jets down the tarmac for emissions testing and was responsible for proving that leaded gas was harmful to the environment.
  • "Project Blue Hair" gets an LS364 crate motor, new gas tank and fuel system. Once completed, Lou installs frame connectors to stiffen up the body and wires up the ignition system. Flashback segment covers the 1967 Chevy Camaro Indy 500 official pace car!"
  • 9/30/07
    Lou profiles four of the most popular rear suspensions for a Muscle Car project along with the pros and cons of each and how to build them.
  • 1/28/07
    Lou shows you how to convert a standard Chevy front end to house a big block motor on a five hundred dollar budget. We travel to Chicago for the Mecum auction and check out classic muscle going for high dollars.
  • 3/11/07
    The 2 Fast 2 Furious Challenger, now known as, "Project Overkill" gets some much needed attention in the bodywork department."
  • 9/22/07
    Lou takes you step by step through rebuilding the most feared part of any car restoration - the automatic transmission.
  • 2/18/07
    "Visiting car painter Rick The Arsonist" Bacon lights up the Musclecar studio with a realistic custom true flame paint job for the Cars for Kids Pro Mod dragster. Tune in to get all the tips and tricks and see step by step exactly how it's done. Flashback segment covers the Torino GT!"moreless
  • 1/14/07
    "Project Blue Hair" is outfitted with a high performance rear end including carbon steel axles, 4:10 gearing and a posi-trac unit . Lou teaches you how to build your own super stock springs at home and the LS364 gets a cooling system with a custom serpentine setup. And in our Musclecar Flashback segment we look back at the Mercury Cyclone!"moreless
  • 7/1/07
    The Mustang Outlaw Road Racer continues.. Lou slaps in a professional onboard fire system and the exhaust is set up. It's time to put in a floor and that means lots more fabrication!
  • 10/6/07
    Lou and Brent take on something they have not done before, custom fiber glass construction.
  • 10/13/07
    Lou pulls an all-nighter to advance the Road Race Mustang. The goal - fire up the engine.
  • Mustang Road Racer
    Episode 14
    The Mustang Outlaw Road Racer is back in the shop with a truckload of new parts. A fuel cell is installed and the lines are run, then Lou starts some major fabrication on the dash for steering, pedals, gauges and more!
  • 7/8/07
    Lou and company virtually start over on the '67 Le Mans body. We strip it to it bones and get ready for the rising, in fact they almost building a body from scratch.
  • It's back on the Pontiac Le Mans restoration and rusty, bent frame is no problem for Lou. He'll show you how to turn a pressure sprayer into a sandblaster making it easy to remove years of weathering and a basic way to straighten your frame.
  • Lou challenges himself with some very difficult body fabrication and repair on what little we salvaged from our '67 Le Mans body.
  • Mopar fans have waited long enough. Project "Over Kill" is back, our '70 Challenger gets painted and reassembled.
  • 6/17/07
    The Le Mans frame is finished up and it's time to take a tired stock motor and turn it into a powerful stroker - all on this week's Musclecar.
  • 3/4/07
    "The Outlaw Racer" goes through a suspension build-up and is finally put on the ground. Lou starts on the engine installation and the drivetrain setup."
  • 1/27/07
    "Project Blue Hair" is set up to receive a new flywheel and clutch. Lou fabricates a transmission tunnel to accept the Rockland T-6 trans and a little interior modification helps with the "sleeper" look. A new set of wheels put's "Blue Hair" back on her feet! Musclecar's flashback segment looks at AMC's SC/Scrambler!"moreless
  • 10/20/07
    Profile on a bolt on sub-frame connector, re-building a manual transmission and under coating.