MuscleCar - Season 2008

Spike TV Premiered Jan 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Rick and Brent tackle the metalwork on the '61 Impala, including floor pans and tubs. Rick takes the frame to get powder coated. Flashback to the heyday of the Corvette in a 67 Sting Ray.
  • 6/7/08
    The '61 Impala gets new rear seat pans, with some modifications, Brent patches the quarter panels while Rick fixes rust on the fenders and gets started on the bodywork. The '69 Firebird return from the sandblaster, revealing some serious problems. In Flashback, take a ride in the Mustang known as "King of the Road", a '68 Shelby Cobra KR500.moreless
  • 2/16/08
    Lou and Rick revisit one radical project: the Road Race Mustang. Rick gives the how-to on making reverse fiberglass molds. Find out the secrets behind exhaust plating with a tour of Nitroplate’s facilities.
  • Trans Am Primer
    Episode 21
    The Tribute Trans Am gets blown apart for final prime, and the convertible top frame is disassembled. Rick and Brent take a trip to Advanced Plating for some tips on prepping modified bumpers for plating. Get a preview of Project Streetfighter, a '71 Cuda MuscleCar will build for UFC President Dana White. Flashback takes us back to 1970 for a look at a Cougar Eliminator.moreless
  • 8/16/08
    Rick demonstrates how to use lead-free solder. The Tribute Trans Am gets basecoat and stripes. Brent assembles the axles for Altered E-Go, the '64 Comet A/FX drag car. In Flashback, take a ride in a 1969 Ford Talladega.
  • 6/28/08
    Rick and Brent make extensive repairs to the trunk area and start hanging body panels on the '61 Impala. Learn how to safely remove lead filler. In Flashback, check out Buick?s meanest Grand National, the '87 GNX.
  • Red Sled gets a 409
    Episode 20
    The '61 Impala gets a 409 & 4-speed, Rick and Brent get creative with the inner fenders, and the Tribute Trans Am gets its first prime and blocking. The MuscleCar crew visits the Year One Experience.
  • 2/9/08
    Lou and Rick revisit MuscleCar’s most popular build, the 1970 Challenger known as Project Overkill. Rick and Brent finish showing us how to get the best results in a low-budget paint job. Come along on a trip to the Forge Invitational.
  • 2/24/08
    Rick and Mike Galley roll in MuscleCar’s next challenge, a ’61 Impala that will become Project Red Sled. Find out how to blow a car apart the right way. The LeMans gets its finishing touches, and a classic car appraiser tells us how much it’s worth
  • 7/14/08
    Rick designs and builds a custom roll bar for the '69 Firebird. Brent lays some metal filler on Red Sled. The Firebird gets a wiring harness, pulley set, and custom wheels.
  • 7/5/08
    See how the rear end and rear suspension come together for the '69 Firebird. Then the LS-7 is dropped in, and the dry-sump oil system is installed.
  • Lou and Rick take a look back at the Year One 1969 Camaro Project, from crate to street. MuscleCar visits Year One's parts supply house. Rick gives the details on detailing.
  • 6/14/08
    MuscleCar rolls in a '64 Comet that will be transformed into a retro A/FX straight-axle drag car, Project Altered E-Go. The car is blown apart, then sectioned to bring the rear wheels forward 16 inches. Brent modifies the rear tubs to make room for massive drag slicks while Rick cuts out the rust. Flashback features a 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T.moreless
  • 6/22/08
    Altered E-Go, the '64 Comet drag car, gets new frame rails, and Ian from Xtreme 4x4 helps Rick and Brent design and start building the roll cage. In Flashback, a 1971 Dodge Demon 340 shows how big performance fits in a small package.
  • 8/23/08
    Rick and Brent fab the rear frame rails for Altered E-Go, the '64 Comet A/FX drag car, and set the ride height to measure for custom leaf springs. Rick demonstrates a variety of custom paint techniques on a motorcycle helmet. Get an update on the Goldberg Superbird project, slated to be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation.moreless
  • ?69 Firebird Debut
    Episode 11
    The '69 Firebird 400 convertible takes its first steps toward becoming a Trans Am tribute car. Rick and Brent take it for a pre-build test drive, then tear it apart, bolt in the new sub-frame and mock up the drive train.
  • 3/2/08
    Rick and Brent reinforce the frame on the '61 Impala. See how an Air Ride suspension system is installed and tested. Take a trip to the test track in Year One's '67 Crate Mustang.
  • 7/19/08
    The '64 Comet has the mockup motor dropped in and new motor mounts made. The Ford 4.6 mod motor is assembled by engine builder Sean Hyland, then tested on the dyno.
  • 2/2/08
    Lou and Rick take a look back at the ’70 Sleeper Nova Project, “Ole Blue Hair”. Rick and Brent show how to prep for a quick, low-budget paint job. Flashback hits the road in a rare ‘69 Pontiac Trans Am.
  • 1/27/08
    Project LeMans gets an interior makeover. Lou tackles the wiring while Rick refurbs the steering wheel and column. Brent shows how powder-coating is done. Flashback takes us for a ride in a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang.
  • 1/6/08
    Project LeMans stays on budget by saving some old parts, Rick The Arsonist" Bacon joins the MuscleCar team. Rick and Brent prep and paint the LeMans, Lou installs the brake and fuel plumbing, exhaust, and under/overdrive unit. Flashback showcases a 1977 Pontiac CanAm."
  • 7/26/08
    Learn lots bodywork tip and tricks as Rick and Brent smooth out Project Red Sled and the Tribute Trans Am. Rick explains some basic tools and techniques used in bodywork.
  • Lou and Rick revisit the 1987 El Camino Parts Hauler Project, which raises the question: Is it a car or a truck?" Kevin and Ryan of TRUCKS! and Jessi of Xtreme 4x4 weigh in on the issue, and the owner of a 1959 El Camino shows off his ride. Rick unleashes his pin-striping skills on the El Camino. In Flashback, MuscleCar highlights a 1961 Impala SS."moreless