MuscleCar - Season 2009

Spike TV Premiered Jan 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • MuscleCar Debate
    Episode 23
    Rick and Tommy debate the definition of the term "muscle car" while taking a look at some prime examples from the 60's, 70's, 80's and today. Learn how to give your car a 70's look with do-it-yourself paint tips.
  • 8/17/09
    Rick and Tommy finish up the '71 Cuda, then take it to the streets, and show it off at a local car show. Rick shows how to make a multi-purpose brake light test tool. In Flashback, take a ride in a 1964 Olds 442.
  • 8/10/09
    Project Overkill the '70 Challenger, returns for some finishing touches, then Rick and Tommy take it out for a long-awaited test drive. In Flashback, check out a 1984 Hurst Olds.
  • 8/3/09
    Project Street Fighter gets a custom entertainment system.
  • 7/27/09
    Pick up some paint tech tips as Rick and Tommy show how to repaint an engine block, pinstripe wheels, and paint chrome.
  • Quadrajet Rebuild
    Episode 18
    Learn everything you need to know about Quadrajet carburetors, including how to rebuild one correctly, what kind of performance to expect, and why they've gotten a bad rap. Plus, we'll show you how to apply do-it-yourself floor coating.
  • The '64 Comet drag car gets a fuel cell and some custom-fabbed aluminum racing seats designed and built by the MuscleCar team. An expert demonstrates how to be successful at aluminum TIG welding.
  • 7/6/09
    The Magnaflow Foose Mustang gets performance upgrades and a road test.
  • 6/26/09
    Chip Foose teams up with MuscleCar to create the Magnaflow Foose Mustang.
  • Project Street Fighter goes from green to mean with a new paint scheme, including Rick's faux carbon fiber technique and billboard graphics. UFC President Dana White drops in to check out the Cuda's new look.
  • We install the fuel tank and lines in the Tribute Trans Am. Learn how to bend lines and work with fittings as Tommy installs the brake plumbing on Project Red Sled. MuscleCar checks out the latest and greatest tools at the Matco Expo in Las Vegas.
  • 5/12/09
    Rick and Tommy install the shocks and add some more bars to the roll cage on Project Altered E-Go. Rick gives the low-down on how to hand-strip a car, including both chemical and abrasive methods.
  • Cuda Blow-Apart
    Episode 11
    Project Street Fighter gets blown apart for paint & bodywork, and details are finished on the 440.
  • Red Sled Returns
    Episode 10
    Impala is back in the shop for bodywork and the guys get the steering installed on Altered E-Go.
  • 3/2/09
    Muscle Car features Rick Bacon and Brent Buttrey showing their restoration skills on amazing car projects. Highlights of this season include a Project Red Sled, our Tribute Trans Am, Altered E-Go and Project Street Fighter. You'll see continued bodywork, paint and buttoning up the details to get these projects from the shop to the street.moreless
  • 2/24/09
    17:29254 Views0 Comments0.0 RatingUFC President Dana White visits the shop to check out the progress on Project Street Fighter.s of this season include a Project Red Sled, our Tribute Trans Am, Altered E-Go and Project Street Fighter. You'll see continued bodywork, paint and buttoning up the details to get these projects from the shop to the street.moreless
  • 2/19/09
    Street Fighter gets its suspension and rear end and Brent shows you how to make a pan-hard bar.
  • 2/10/09
    Tribute Trans Am gets a custom stereo and learn how to patch holes in your vinyl interior.
  • 2/2/09
    Our newest build: Project Street Fighter, a 1971 Cuda 440 for UFC President Dana White.
  • 1/26/09
    The Tribute Trans Am and Altered E-Go continue and how to refurbish painted window trim on a budget.
  • Rick and Brent install the A/C and heater lines on the Tribute Trans Am, and demonstrate how to make your own steel radiator hoses. Project Overkill, the '70 Challenger, returns for a front to back look at its plumbing. Flashback features a 1969 AMX.
  • Altered E-Go gets a custom-fabbed transmission tunnel, and the MuscleCar team brings in an expert to help install the convertible top on the Year One Tribute Trans Am. Flashback takes us for a ride in a 1967 Plymouth GTX.
  • t's three-for-one in this episode of MuscleCar: Rick sprays the undercoating on the Tribute Trans Am, Brent fabs some complicated panels for Project Red Sled, and Altered E-Go gets a new firewall, toe boards, and removable transmission mount.