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  • Season 1
    • The Green Seat
      Episode 1
      "They are distant creatures. Primitive and peculiar, they are things unlike any animal or plant we've grown to know. In time and with fear, man has come to call them "Mushi..."

      Shinra, a boy living in a forest with mysterious powers, calls for Ginko, The Mushishi, to help him with his problems. While Ginko is staying with Shinra, he tells him all about Mushi and his powers. Later on, while walking in Shinra's house at night, Ginko finds a Mushi... But this isn't an ordinary Mushi, it's Shinra's grandmother!moreless
    • 10/29/05
      "They are distant creatures. Primitive and peculiar, they are things unlike any animal or plant we've grown to know. In time and with fear, man has come to call them "Mushi..."

      A girl named Sui has an unusual disease that causes pain in her eyes whenever she sees light. She has to be locked in a pitch black shed that has no light in it. A boy named Biki helps Sui by removing bandages, giving her food, and just talking to her. Biki's mother is worried about him getting the illness, so she tells him not to stay as long as he normally would with Sui. One day while Biki is talking to her, she tells him why she has that illness: There are Mushi in her eyes. Biki continues to take care of her until one night when he is reading by a candle, a strange pain comes to his eyes.moreless
    • Tender Horns
      Episode 3
      On silent snowy nights, when no sounds can be heard, many people go deaf in one or both ears. The doctors can't do anything, so they think it might be paranormal. Ginko looks into some of the villagers' ears and he tells them that the cause is a Mushi called "Un". After dealing with their small problems there is one more person who has lost sound in both of his ears and his condition is very different than the other people's, as he has also grown four horns on his head.moreless
    • 11/12/05
      "Do not converse with one talking in their sleep. That is the wisdom of the world beyond..."

      Ginko hears a rumor around town that a man has prophetic dreams every once in a while. He suspects that Mushi are living in his dreams. He gives the man medicine to keep them under control and says he will come back when he has used about all of them. When Ginko returns, the village is deserted and torn up. Ginko finds the man alone in is house. The man then tells him about what happened while he was away.moreless
    • 11/19/05
      "A swamp is born and in time stagnates. At the death of the world in which it creates, it carries its own legs and begins to move..." Adashino-sensei is looking to buy some of the items that Ginko as obtained on his journey. He especially wants the wine cup that was drawn by Shinra, But Ginko says it's too rare to be sold to collectors. He tells Adoshenei-sensei about the strange being he met while in the forest and he also explains how the swamp is moving towards the sea. This looks like the work of a Mushi...moreless
    • 11/26/05
      "The sun rises today and sets again. A flower that bloomed in the morning, falls from its stem. The sun sets today and rises again. Flowers bloom to fill the land, but not the flowers of yesterday…"

      Ginko is on another adventure as he is brought to a very peculiar island, by a young boy Nagi. Ginko is taken to see a girl, who the island inhabitants refer to as "Ikigami" and is said to be able to perform miracles however Ginko discovers that there is more to this.moreless
    • 12/3/05
      On a rainy day Ginko takes a rest from his travels and comes across a man named Kourou who seems to be obsessed with a rainbow. To pass the time Kourou reminisces in his past, with the events which led to him pursuing rainbows whenever they appear. Ginko explains to him that the rainbow which he is searching for is actually a Mushi known as "Koda" but there seems to be more to it.moreless
    • 12/10/05
      "Many a time do amusing things end up on the beach. Plants and sea shells from the south. Giant deep-sea fish. Sometimes even people. Or even empty ships..." Ginko is waiting along the sea shore, for a transport to get him across the bay when he meets a man called Shirou, who lost his wife under strange circumstances. Ginko seems interested and decides to listen to his story about how he lost his wife in a swarm of sea snakes, during fog. Ginko later comes back with information on the Mushi that caused the bizarre events.moreless
    • The Heavy Seed
      Episode 9
      "Seeds rooted in the flesh and blood of our ancestors. Reach out with green, green leaves. Bear heavy, heavy fruit..."

      While on his journey, Ginko stumbles across a town that has yielded a great crop this year, thanks to their ancestors. However it is said that they take someone in exchange. Ginko finds this peculiar and decides to investigate this further, by going to see the village "Saishu-sama" (chief mourner) who obviously has something to do with it.moreless
    • Some kids enter Adashino-sensei shed to find a lot of strange things but there's one thing in particular that interest them. It's night and Adashino-sensei is called out to look at one of the kids, a girl who has become bitterly cold. The cause is a mysterious ink stone she touched. Luckily for Adashino-sensei, Ginko is passing-by the village and he shows him the ink stone and he identifies it as a "Kumohami".moreless
    • 1/7/06
      Ginko arrives at a village where the men are in a heated discussion about a nearby mountain. After learning of Ginko's identity they ask for his help to find another Mushi-shi called Mujika, who happens to be the master of the mountain. While on his trek through the mountain Ginko stumbles across a boy who's also looking for Mujika. Later they manage to find Mujika but this isn't the end of it.moreless
    • One-Eyed Fish
      Episode 12
      "Don't let yourself be blinded by fear and anger. Everything is only as it is..."

      A boy named Yoki, who's able to see Mushi, was found in the woods by some mysterious lady named Nui with only one eye. It turns out that Yoki was travelling with his mother when a mudslide crushed his mother and he was left all on his own. Yoki's leg later heals itself however he doesn't seem to have anywhere to go so he stays with Nui and begins to learn some things about the Mushi known as "Tokoyami".moreless
    • One-Night Bridge
      Episode 13
      Just managing to cross the treacherous Kazura Bridge, Ginko meets up with a man on the other side who takes him to meet a lady called Hana, who fell from the same bridge 3 years ago. Even though Hana survived, all she does is sit under the sun and nothing else and nobody seems to know what's wrong with her. Hana is feared to be a "Tanimodori", which are people whose minds and memories are wiped clean and they die on the night that the "One Night Bridge" shows up. From the info gathered Ginko knows that Hana is possessed by a Mushi called a "Nisekazura".moreless
    • Inside The Cage
      Episode 14
      Ginko is approached by an odd man, while resting in the bamboo forest, and then the man, Kisuke, tells Ginko that he has been lost in the forest for 3 years. Ginko seems to have also become lost in the strange forest and decides to go off and figure something out about the forest. After managing to get out of the forest Ginko figures out that it's the work of a "Magaridake".moreless
    • Pretense of Spring
      Episode 15
      Hints of spring lead to a phantom land denying winter's touch. A young child and a false flower, strange neighbors indeed.
    • Sunrise Serpent
      Episode 16
      It is spring and Ginko is taking a boat through a river, when the boat's man, Kaji asks Ginko whether he could help his mum who's forgetting things and can't sleep. At first glance it may appear to be progressive amnesia however something isn't right and Ginko decides to do more investigation into the matter.moreless
    • 2/18/06
      "There are countless fissures in the physical world. Those who vanish like smoke are lost in such hollows. Without their memories, without their souls..."

      Ginko receives a letter in a cocoon, however it isn't to him but to someone he already knows, called Aya, so he later goes to meet this old acquaintance. Ginko is concerned about Aya as she is still searching for her sister, who has been trapped in an Uroana for 5 years.moreless
    • 2/25/06
      This story is about a mysterious genius artist named Kai who left his family to become better known for his talents. As a parting gift, his sister made him a Haori (Man's Kimono). One day he got bored and made a Haura (painting inside the jacket) on his Haori. His master saw this and recognized his talents, so he gave Kai jobs with clients and he quickly started to become well known for his work. However, his fame came at a price.moreless
    • 3/4/06
      Seijirou is fascinated by the stars and enjoys stargazing. One day he is by the riverbed with the village nanny Fuki when she notices a string coming down the sky. As she tries to pull all of a sudden she disappears, right before Seijirou's eyes. Ginko is traveling through the mountains and is being followed by a peculiar girl. It turns out that it's Fuki, who has been exposed to a strong Mushi presence and can't be seen by anyone.moreless
    • A Sea of Writings
      Episode 20
      Ginko arrives at a secluded place to meet an old acquaintance, who seems to be in charge of an archive with a lot of confidential texts. Ginko is allowed to read the texts and ends up reading some of the writer, Tan'yu's work. Tan'yu is the descendant of the Karibusa family, a cursed family whose members are born with a black mark on a part of their body. This means she contains devastating Mushi within her body but Tama is there to help remedy that.moreless
    • Cotton Changeling
      Episode 21
      A lady named Aki discovered a green stain on her wedding gown, one year later she gave birth to a boy who, now grown up, has the same marks on his body. It turns out that the boy was originally born not as a human but as some shapeless green blob, which then turned into a human. Her husband asks for Ginko's help yet he is unable to save her son because it's the work of a "Watahaki".moreless
    • Shrine in the Sea
      Episode 22
      "Give birth to me once more. I want to meet you once more. I want to see this beautiful ocean once more..." Ginko arrives on an island asking about the so called "Rebirths" but to no luck. At night he later meets a peculiar lady who happens to be able to see a strange light in the sea and she ends up inviting him to her home. She later explains to him what "Rebirths" are; when a person is about to die they can be taken deep inside the Ryuugu, where they are reborn.moreless
    • The Sound of Rust
      Episode 23
      In a cold mountainous region, Ginko is wandering around the snow covered plain when he hears a sound ringing through the cold air, also noticing some rust on a tree. Ginko enters a nearby town to find the rust covering everywhere, including the people. The village chief tells Ginko that this is a sickness that has been affecting the town for 14 years, and that the people have been slowly losing the movements of their limbs. Moreover, it's said that a girl called Shige is the cause of it.moreless
    • 6/4/06
      "Build a fire - night comes... Light a fire - darkness comes... Hide the fire - flames arisen from corpses creep in..."

      Ginko meets another Mushi-shi, which happens to be a young lady called Yahagi. Surrounding the village she lives in is a new variety of Mushi growing on the mountain's fields. It's becoming so bad that the village people are at risk and as a last resort they plan to burn the entire mountain. However, Ginko doesn't think that this is the right option.moreless
    • 6/11/06
      "All that is in my world... is see, sound, taste and touch. That is all. That is enough..."

      Finally able to reach a city, Ginko comes across a "biwa hoshi" named Amane, who sings songs about Mushi, and she is immediately able tell that he is a Mushi-shi. So she forces him to stay a night at an inn where she later reveals that she once saw a "Ganpuku", a very rare Mushi that will make the host see better and better until they die.moreless
    • Taku is a peculiar young boy who has always wondered who the people were that constantly passed by the mountains during the rainy seasons. One day he meets a boy named Isaza, while catching fish. It seems that not only Taku can see the Komiyaku in the mountains; Isaza seems to know a lot more about the mountain than him.

      "The world is filled with life unknown to man..."moreless
  • Season 2