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  • a short story anime

    Ginko is one of the few humans who's able to see mushi a type of spirit/animal that live in the world. There are many humans who are effected by the life stream an underground river that causes forests to grow. Those who live close to it or near mushi can have stange side effects on their bodies such as going blind growing a 3rd tooth and dieing when it falls out dieing once a day and being reborn growing horns ect. Its the job of a mushi master to keep the balance between mushi and humans. Ginko cannot stay in one place for two long or he attracts mushi. So he wanders helping people across the world. Its a pretty decent anime but since it lacks a plot its the reason why it didn't last as long as most anime do and ended up like ghost hunt only lasting a season. The character designs were very unique and nice. Their personalities wern't obnoxious or too marysueish. If it had a plot i think it could of lasted alot longer
  • Probably one of the most original shows out there. It's about a man named Ginko who travels through the wilderness of Japan, never staying in one place for very long because of his tendency to attract mushi.

    What is it about this show that drew me in? It's not very exciting and there is almost no action. There is only one character (Ginko) who appears in more than two episodes. It is almost completely different from any other show on television.

    But I still watch it. Mushishi is perhaps the most intelligent show I have ever seen. It makes you think. It is about a man named Ginko who travels Japan, helping those out who are having problems with Mushi. That is really the only overarching storyline the show has. Each episode has its own unique plot and characters, all of which are very interesting, which makes it much more like a standard Saturday morning cartoon than a normal anime show. In each episode, you learn more and more about the Mushi as Ginko struggles to find out what sort of Mushi are causing the people harm. Ginko gives explanations that are both detailed and would make sense if Mushi existed, which makes the show even more interesting.

    The only problem I had with this show was that there weren't enough episodes, but that's not the show's fault, is it? Mushishi is a rare show that actually makes you think about what's happening, and is a true feast for the mind.
  • One of my all time favourite anime shows and an absolute joy to watch.

    The show follows a man named Ginko who travels Japan to investiagte and study Mushi (strange animals/bugs that cause supernatural occurences). On his journey Gink meets numerous people who have had their lives changed by the mushi in one way or another and attempts to help those that need it 9either by physical or emotional means).

    This is a wonderfully original show that is both dramatic and thrilling but without being filled with fights or mortal danger. it is simply the story of a man who is exploring life and the world around him in a vey unique way. This is easily a classic and should be watched to be fully appreicated. A Masterpiece.
  • It is the first anime I have ever seen that has even come close to being within the league of the dreamlike creativity of legend Hayao Miyazaki's work.

    Mushishi is definitely the most imaginative and completely original anime I have ever seen, besides Miyazaki's films of course. I keep comparing Mushishi to Miyazaki's work because it's very much like something Hayao Miyazaki might create. Mushishi has gorgeous animation, breath taking music, and a mindboggling storyline that's unlike anything you've ever seen. It's certainly not your normal anime. It's very different in a refreshing kind of way. It's very interesting and makes you think about things in a differnt way that most anime does not accomplish with their action and violence. Ginko the main character of the story, he is extremely logical and a very likable character and is what they call a Mushi Master. Because of what he is he attracts mushi if he stays in the same area for too long. So he never stays anywhere for much time. He travels about the land studying and learning as much as he can about mushi while at the same time helps anyone who is having mushi related problems. What is a mushi you ask? It's kind of hard to understand but they are basically the purest most basic forms of life there are. They can cause illness, disasters, magical phenomina, and even take on human form. Most all of them are harmless but some are deadly if the proper cure for the problem is not known. Ginko helps and changes the lives of many people on his journeys and by the end of the show you really come to always trust that what he's doing is right. He's really a great character. Ginko is voiced by Travis Willingham who is phenominal and does a wonderful job as the part. Each episode is like it's own individual story, each one is about different scenerios that occur along his journey, after every one it feels almost like you just watched a good movie. There's a tiny bit of comedy but there really is not much action or romance or anything like that but this anime is living proof that shows dont have to have a popular genre to make them completely interesting and great to watch. It really is just a beautiful series that has a lot of things going for it. I highly suggest it if you're looking for something out of the ordinary.
  • Takes some getting used to, but rewards further effort.

    This is an unconventional anime, to say the least. It is about Ginko, who can see and understand the spirit-like creatures called the Mushi. The animation is beautiful, filled with clear colors yet capable of getting across the theme of the supernatural at the same time. The soundtrack is quite nice as well. For anyone else, hearing voices telling you to accept communications with ghosts might send you running to the doctor. However, Ginko is advised not to be afraid; the sprites can help him, and have a new role to play in this world. It is because Ginko uses a mixture of questioning and imagination that he is able to succeed. Rent this if you are looking for a change of pace. Like the characters in the story, "Mushishi" has more to offer as it goes along.
  • Mushi are lifeforms in our world. They strive to live like us, but they bring very harmful effects to humans. Ginko is a Mushishi, a doctor who cures the effects of the Mushi. His travels often bring beneficial, yet always magical, results.

    Mushishi is by far one of the most underrated, yet amazing, anime of our time. If you are familiar with Miyzaki's work, then this anime should be a warm welcoming to you. However, this anime goes off into original territory. Besides the curing of the Mushi, the anime doesn't really have an overall plot. Instead, each episode tells it's own tale, and does so masterfully in the short twenty minutes it has to tell it. Ginko brings a breath of fresh air to main characters (often conveying a unique sense of ideals and life itself), and is one of the few recurring characters. But, what was so beautiful about this anime was the stories and characters involved with them. Most of these stories use Japanese folklore to truly brighten the tale, and it seems to literally glow with originality. The music also improves the atmosphere. The music (the composer, being responsible for Naruto's score as well, truly exposes his talent here) is plain beautiful, and really adds to the moments of sadness, pleasure, etc. Another beauty is the animation, which seems to never stem from it's quality. Overall, I'd say Mushishi is nearly perfect. The only flaw I can state is the lack of any major recurring characters (besides Ginko and one named Adashino who only appears for two episodes), but that might be a little pet peeve of mine. Overall, I'd strongly suggest watching this piece of art. It is truly amazing in every area, and it'll hold a strong sense of captivation till the end.
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