Fuji Television Premiered Oct 21, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Probably one of the most original shows out there. It's about a man named Ginko who travels through the wilderness of Japan, never staying in one place for very long because of his tendency to attract mushi.

    What is it about this show that drew me in? It's not very exciting and there is almost no action. There is only one character (Ginko) who appears in more than two episodes. It is almost completely different from any other show on television.

    But I still watch it. Mushishi is perhaps the most intelligent show I have ever seen. It makes you think. It is about a man named Ginko who travels Japan, helping those out who are having problems with Mushi. That is really the only overarching storyline the show has. Each episode has its own unique plot and characters, all of which are very interesting, which makes it much more like a standard Saturday morning cartoon than a normal anime show. In each episode, you learn more and more about the Mushi as Ginko struggles to find out what sort of Mushi are causing the people harm. Ginko gives explanations that are both detailed and would make sense if Mushi existed, which makes the show even more interesting.

    The only problem I had with this show was that there weren't enough episodes, but that's not the show's fault, is it? Mushishi is a rare show that actually makes you think about what's happening, and is a true feast for the mind.
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