Season 1 Episode 2

The Light of the Eyelid

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2005 on Fuji Television
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"They are distant creatures. Primitive and peculiar, they are things unlike any animal or plant we've grown to know. In time and with fear, man has come to call them "Mushi..."

A girl named Sui has an unusual disease that causes pain in her eyes whenever she sees light. She has to be locked in a pitch black shed that has no light in it. A boy named Biki helps Sui by removing bandages, giving her food, and just talking to her. Biki's mother is worried about him getting the illness, so she tells him not to stay as long as he normally would with Sui. One day while Biki is talking to her, she tells him why she has that illness: There are Mushi in her eyes. Biki continues to take care of her until one night when he is reading by a candle, a strange pain comes to his eyes.moreless

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      • Biki: Suddenly there was a big flash that lit up everything around us and then we were plunged into darkness. It felt like the ground fell out beneath me and I thought I could see a river of light flowing far down below. It was only for a second after the Mushi Master gave you the glass eye but it was so beautiful, I felt as though I was being pulled into it. I wanted to stare at it forever.

      • Biki: My cousin Sui is the youngest member of our family. About 6 months ago she contracted a disease that made her eyes sensitive to light. It was a mystery. None of the eye doctors could figure out the cause of her illness and before they could find a way to treat her Sui's eyes became so sensitive that even the smallest amount of light would cause her great pain. When there was nothing they could do her parents brought her to my house since we have a sturdy storage shed that blocks out light. They said it was for Sui's own good that they left her here but to me it seemed more like they were giving up, like they were abandoning her.

      • Sui: Did you know we have another eyelid? A second one behind our outer eyelid. Between them there's a place where no outside light can ever get in. That's where the Mushi live.
        Biki: Between your eyelids?
        Sui: That's right. Don't you know how to close your second eyelid? It's easy I'll show you. First close your eyes. Do you see anything?
        Biki: Mmm no not a thing... Oh, hold on. I can still see some kind of flickering inside my eye.
        Sui: That's right. Even after you close your eyes you're still looking at the backs of your eyelids. Your eyes aren't really closed. So that's why, if I ever want to make it so I see nothing at all, all I do is close my eyes again to shut out the flickering. That's when a curtain of darkness falls and it becomes truly pitch black.

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