Musical Comedy Time

NBC (ended 1951)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Flying High
      Flying High
      Episode 13
      High-flying tale about an oddball inventor and his revolutionary flying machine. He inadvertantly breaks the world record for high flying due to a fault in the landing gear of his plane.
    • No! No! Nanette!
      No! No! Nanette!
      Episode 12
      This episode concerns a bible salesman called Jimmy Smith and the troubles that he gets into, and out of, on a summer weekend in New York and Atlantic City.
    • Revenge with Music
      Revenge with Music
      Episode 11
      Romantic triangle with a jealous husband, his attractive wife and the older elected official who's infatuated with her.
    • Mlle. Modiste
      Mlle. Modiste
      Episode 10
      Operetta about Fifi, an aspiring prima donna, who works in Mme. Cecile's Parisian hat shop.
    • Louisiana Purchase
      Set in New Orleans, this musical lampoons Huey Long and his strangle-hold on Louisiana Politics. When Senator Oliver P. Loganberry arrives in the Big Easy to investigate the dubious doings at the Louisiana Purchasing Company, it isn't long before he's set up for plenty of trouble himself.
    • Miss Liberty
      Miss Liberty
      Episode 8
      It is 1885 and Horace, a newspaper photographer, is fired when he bungles the important assignment of covering the Statue of Liberty ceremonies. At his girl friend Maisie's urging, he goes to Paris in pursuit of the ultimate scoop-to discover the model who actually posed for the statue. When he finds her in sculptor Bartholdi's studio, Maisie sets about persuading the competing paper from which Horace was sacked to underwrite a U.S. tour for the model. What Horace doesn't realize is that he has the wrong model, and what Maisie doesn't know is that Horace has fallen in love with her. Upon their return from Paris, some antic and heartfelt complications ensue but a happy ending is inevitable.moreless
    • Babes in Toyland
      Babes in Toyland
      Episode 7
      One hour version of Herbert's most famous operetta providing fun for the entire family as Mother Goose and all the favorite nursery rhyme characters deal with Silas Barnaby's attempt to steal Toyland.
    • Hit the Deck
      Hit the Deck
      Episode 6
      Loulou is the owner of a Newport coffee house. She falls in love with Bilge, one of the many sailors who patronise her eatery whenever they're in port. But Bilge is reluctant to consider marriage. So Loulou takes a small fortune she has come into and follows him all the way to China. When she finally seems to have won her point, Bilge discovers she is wealthy. Bilge is unwilling to marry but Loulou wins this round by agreeing to sign away her money to their first child.moreless
    • The Merry Widow
      The Merry Widow
      Episode 5
      Hanna Glawari, the merry widow, faces a dilemma. Pontevedro, her native country, will be left bankrupt if she weds a foreigner. An Embassy plot to marry her off to the debonair Count Danilo Danilovitch is complicated by the secret affair which has developed between the French attaché and the Ambassador's wife. This light-hearted tale of political and amorous intrigue unfolds amidst the gaiety of high society in turn-of-the-century Paris.moreless
    • Rio Rita
      Rio Rita
      Episode 4
      The Texas Rangers are hunting a notorious bandit known only as the Kinkajou. The Rangers are lead by a handsome macho-man, Jim. Jim loves Rio Rita but General Esteban, who also loves her, persuades Rita that Jim courts her because he believes that the man they are looking is her brother. Only when Jim arrests Esteban as the real villain can he and Rita hope for happiness.moreless
    • The Chocolate Soldier
      When Lieutenant Bumerli, a Swiss mercenary in the Serbian army, takes refuge from his Bulgarian enemies in the house of a Bulgarian general - to be precise, in the daughter's bedroom - he sets hearts a-flutter, almost compromises three ladies and then ruins the daughter's wedding to a Bulgarian soldier-hero by being recognised as the fugitive! This is just as well because he and Nadina, the daughter, were destined for each other anyway.moreless
    • Whoopee!
      Episode 2
      Hypochondriac millionaire Henry Williams moves out west to Arizona for his health, with his long-suffering nurse Mary Custer in tow. Romantic complications ensue when Henry involves himself in the affairs of Sally Morgan who is engaged to the local sheriff but is really in love with an Indian brave.
    • Anything Goes
      Anything Goes
      Episode 1
      The action takes place on the SS AMERICAN, sailing from New York to England. On board are the beautiful American heiress Hope Harcourt, her English fiancé Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Hope's mother. Stowing away on board is Billy Crocker, a young admirer of Hope'0 who can't believe she would really marry the silly S1r Evelyn and determines to try and stop her. Public Enemy Number Thirteen, with his moll Bonnie, is also along for the ride and he passes on to Billy the passport and ticket of a gangster friend of his who didn't catch the boat. This leads, to unwelcome complications for Billy as he and the Public Enemy have to keep changing disguises to avoid arrest. Keeping the steam at boiling point in the ship's engine room arid working the stabilisers overtime is sexy, incandescent Reno Sweency, ex-evangelist and currently right club singer, With her help all the shipboard disasters are averted and all the romances sorted out including her own.moreless