Mutant League

(ended 1996)


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  • I can't believe it that they air cartoon like this where stuffs like decapitations, blood and zombies are OK, and they canceled some awesome shows because of f****n "violence"!

    I didn't watch this show much, but I think I saw enough to say what bugs me. There are lot of cool and awesome shows out there that deserved a title of clasic like Swat Kats, Johny Quest, Mighty Max...but nooooooo...they had to be canceled after 10 episodes because of stupid violence, which consisted of the words (only words) like death or kill, even the punches were rarity in these shows. But then, they came up with this crap, loaded with zombies, skeletons, falling apart bodies...and what they say? "Nice show, it was based on a video game, OK!" Bull***t! It's injustice that cool shows are canceled, and c***s like this pulled through with no problem! But again, this show was never a classic, and only 20% of population knows about it. Man I wish I could take this show to those guys who canceled all those shows I mentioned above and ask them: "You were saying? Violence? Think again!"
  • A Good Show Based on The Video Game...

    This TV Show was based on the sports video games released on Sega Genesis back in '91, i used to watch this show every morning be4 i went to school and it keep me wanting more, what they should do is release this to DVD and i'm sure fans of the game would appreciate the show, because i did!
  • This was a pretty disgusting and ugly show, I LOVED IT!

    I used to watch cartoons on Sunday, then when this started, I usually changed the channel to public television to see younger kids shows and Ghostwriter, but one day I gave this show a chance and I loved it, for a kids show it has somethings that were pretty disgusting for what I would have considered a kids show, but with what I see on TV these days, in some ways it was also made to look like you were actuall watching a sports network as well.

    I'm not much of a sports fan but seeing iit this way made it fun and nice for me. Bodies tor apart, the food was disgusting, it was a really sick kids show, but I still loved it. I don't have much else to say but I do hope it comes on DVD some day or returns with reruns on some channel.