Mutant League - Season 1

(ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • All-Star Battle Royale
    Get ready for the all-star battle royale as the Midway Monsters gear up for the some spine-snapping sumo to the head-hanging ice hockey. Join Bones and his team as they rocked the dome...
  • Breakdown
    Episode 12
    Zalgor and Jukka created a computer virus called Slayer 1 to destruct the Midway Monsters' hockey game. But Slayer 1 has a mind of it's own and takes over the Doom Dome for on e purpose to destroy Bones Justice. Can Bones keep this virus before he shatters the pieces?
  • The Loser
    The Loser
    Episode 11
    When Razor Kidd does the unspeakable and drops the game winning task. Zalgor lets straight rumors flied, but Razor needs a No. 1 fan and lays his reputation on the line promising a win for the Midway Monsters. Will Razor come through will be a hero or having plunged themself over the edge?moreless
  • Boneheads Whodunnit?
    Bones Justice is incredible heroic on the field creates a ergo-fad falling called "The Boneheads". Zalgor and Kang manages to infiltrate the bonehead and leave their trouble. Will Bones have to leave the League to make things right again?
  • The Prize Of Fame
    The Prize Of Fame
    Episode 9
    Kang signs the Midway Monsters to the lucrative endorsement contract, but fame has a prize. Bones Justice and his team are divided and while Bones fights for his team. His team fights for their lives. Will Bones need a new team?
  • The Sumo Match
    The Sumo Match
    Episode 8
    It's sumo action at the doom dome as mutants battle for supremacy on the match. But Sherry Steele uncovers a mysterious machine which gives the Derangers box of power. Will she make it back in time to prevent Bones Justice being torn into pieces?
  • Collision Course
    Collision Course
    Episode 7
    Get ready for the monster truck mayhem. It's the Mutant 500 and the biggest baddest mutant in the league drive their suit-up monster trucks over the edge. It's the race for survival filled with smashes crashes and mad dashes for victory. Bones Justice goes head-to-head with K. T. Slayer in the mother of all races. Who will win?moreless
  • Troublemakers
    Episode 6
    Bones Justice becomes Razor Kidd and Razor Kidd becomes Bones Justice? Well, what are they gonna have to wear the mutor (ahem, The Monsters) costumes such as this wrong side of the game?
  • The Teammate
    The Teammate
    Episode 5
    It's heavy football action at the Slayers run wild. The sporting world is turned upside down when Darkstar gets cut and ends up in the Monster's lockeroom. Tension rise and heads roll for Bones steps into take charge. Can he overcome his team mate and make him part of the monsters? You'll have to work fast, because it's gonna come down to one final play.moreless
  • The Fugitive
    The Fugitive
    Episode 4
    Bones Justice faces the biggest challenge of his life as he becomes a fugitive from the law. Will Justice rule or with Zalgor Prigg succeeded putting Bones of his way forever?
  • Frightening Disese
    Frightening Disese
    Episode 3
    From his secret lab inside Grip Industries, Jukka creates a Toxic Virus which Zalgor Prigg unleashes on the Monsters. It's up the Bones Justice to keep his teeth together and battle his way inside Grip Industries in search of his antidote. Will he make it?
  • Head Of The Coach
    Head Of The Coach
    Episode 2
    It's the big volleyball match between the Midway Monsters and the heavily favorites Screaming Evils led by their star player Madman. The Monsters get some help from the unlikely sorts. But he's there to win their victory or a very bad moment?
  • Opening Kick-Off
    Opening Kick-Off
    Episode 1
    Razor Kidd and Bones Justice finished their incredible collegiate careers and head of the pros. But Zalgor Prigg is waiting for them and if falls won't play by his Slay City Slayers and K. T. Slayer will make sure that Razor doesn't play at all. Can Bones saved his best friend and lead his team to victory?moreless