Mutant League - Season 2

(ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • The Hall Of Pain Awards
    You've saw it from the beginning and you'll see the gruesome sporting action goes. But this time, The 12th Annual Hall Of Pain Awards is one of the most prestigious awards night dedicated to all mutor players. Join Bob Babble for this award-winning ceremonies night.
  • Sudden Death
    Sudden Death
    Episode 26
    It's the final match between the Midway Monsters against the Slay City Slayers. The basketball match is chosen but the terrifying tricks turns deadlier than a mouse trap. Will they make it for the final match? If they win, will Bones Justice faces up against Zalgor Prigg in the one-on-one match up?moreless
  • In My Father's Name - Part 2
    After the aftermath of the earthquake that destroyed The Doom Dome, Bones Justice searches for Razor Kidd deep below the surface but discovers Zalgor Prigg's dirty little secret instead. Will Bones get to reunite with his long lost father, or will Zalgor Prigg destroy him once and for all?
  • In My Father's Name - Part 1
    A massive earthquake jolt the Doom Dome from his foundation and swallows up The Midway Monsters star player, Razor Kidd. Bones Justice searches franticly for his friend but finds something you'll never supposed to see... Can escape to tell the word of Zalgor Prigg's accrocities or will be buried beneath the dome forever?moreless
  • Love Story
    Love Story
    Episode 23
    An psycho-maniac mutor named Frank who gets a date with Thrasher Malone. But he's got to help with Zalgor Prigg who will see a best fanatic ever. Will Frank get to kidnapped Thrasher inside the Monster's lockerroom? Or will Bones Justice decided to marry her while the hunt goes on to stop the pscho-freak fan?moreless
  • The Comeback
    The Comeback
    Episode 22
    Malicious Malone makes his comeback for The Monsters. But he had a problem that he's very old and weak. Will Malicious Malone can make it for the basketball match against The Slay City Slayers or will he decided to retirement again at all?
  • City Course
    City Course
    Episode 21
    Last time, you'll seen the Mutant 500 at the off-road course. And now, the Mutant 500 goes on the Mutant City. It's another race for survival that takes place in the concrete jungle. Who will win for this time?
  • Ultra Fear
    Ultra Fear
    Episode 20
    Jukka upgrades a new Rejuvenator 3000 goes to strict-controlled test. And for Darkstar trying to rejuvenate for this brand-new machine but a serious strain transmits into his body. What will Darkstar turns a fear of his life or will Bones Justice makes a technical malfunction in the Rejuvenator 3000?
  • The Fanatic
    The Fanatic
    Episode 19
    Three kids of the Midway Monsters fan who watched the basketball match on MLSN and what you're about to see that the most shocking incident ever to imitate the Sitff-Arm. But for Bones Justice makes an apology to their fans. What will Bones makes the whole truth in this controversial incident?moreless
  • Strike
    Episode 18
    This holiday season, the Doom Dome is on labor strike due to lack of salaries. And for Zalgor Prigg makes for more important about the strangest yet, the Christmas nightmare. What will Zalgor makes a strangest nightmare ever with the mutors could ever imagine?
  • Role Model
    Role Model
    Episode 17
    Razor Kidd makes a good defensive play in the basketball match and for Bones Justice makes a several mistakes in the defensive play. What will Bones Justice makes for the most important role in his basketball career?
  • The Mental Game
    The Mental Game
    Episode 16
    Dr. Dish is a psychologist who met a date with a player, Razor Kidd and a deal who ever wanted to get a half a million dollar deal for The Midway Monsters buyout with Zalgor Prigg. What will Bones Justice to save our team or a bag of lizard?
  • The Outing
    The Outing
    Episode 15
    The all-star teams aboard on Air Mutant Flight 701 and the plane crash slides into a snowy mountain. The survivors for the all-star players led by Bones Justice, Razor Kidd and the rest of the team struggling for the survival except Zalgor Prigg and Kang makes the memorable moments in sports. Can they survived for their lives?moreless
  • All-Star Game
    All-Star Game
    Episode 14
    It's football action at the doom dome when Bones Justice and the rest of the all-star team battles up against the wild tamers yet ferocious mutated beasts ever. What will make it for the game turns the wildest rampage behind?
  • Shoeless Lazer
    Shoeless Lazer
    Episode 13
    The lucrative star of The Ooze, Liquid Lazer makes to become a Rookie Player. What will bones Justice gives the judgment call for Liquid lazer in his stomping Lazer's foot?
  • Hooked On Buzz
    Hooked On Buzz
    Episode 12
    Razor Kidd drinks a dosage of Buzz, except a real tragedy turns addictive. In this episode, Razor Kidd betrays the trust of his friend Bones Justice in the attempt to become the No. 1 player in the league. But doesn't mean risking his own life?
  • Enter The Skeletoid
    Enter The Skeletoid
    Episode 11
    The Martial Arts Tournament is on and for Low Blow turns a dangerous side to make their opponents for the ultimate test. What will Bones Justice and their team members goes for strength and determination as well as torn-up into the pieces?
  • The Recruit
    The Recruit
    Episode 10
    Bones Justice recruits a high-school star Slick Toxin to the Midway Monsters. but will the youngster give up his education for the life of the professional athlete? Will Bones realized his on mistake in time to stop Slick from throwing away his dreams?
  • The Ultimate Breed
    The Ultimate Breed
    Episode 9
    A cloned-like K. T. Slayers (better known as Bio Genetic Blasters) which is brought by Zalgor Prigg as they developed for the team under Slay City Slayers. But for the real K. T. Slayer turned self-destructed and arrogant in despite for the cloned ones. Will Bones Justice needs for the help with K. T. while he attempt for the volleyball match to getting rid these cloned blasters?moreless
  • Scandalous Cad - Part 2
    When former mutant basher, Slim Tunin finds the himself at the mercy own gang he gets some help from the unexpected source. But can owns convinced his reluctant team mates that former enemy can help him meet The Derangers? Will The Monsters overcome their own predujice before loose their heads?
  • Scandalous Cad - Part 1
    A mutant hater named Slim Tunin find out the hard way when it's really like to be a mutant powers to help The Monsters that keep the Derangers.
  • Until You Walked In My Shoes...
    Joe Magician is now a team manger for The Derangers. But he eyed on with Razor Kidd goes another chance for the big bet... gambling. Can Razor Kidd attempt for the hockey match against The Monsters and The Derangers or will Bones Justices gives the punishment against Razor?
  • The Retirement
    The Retirement
    Episode 5
    One of the greatest athlete of all time risks his life to stay in sports. The parasmatic star of The Derangers, Joe Magician faces the toughest opponent of his career... age. will Bones Justice be able to save him in his fight against pie?
  • The Bones Justice Story
    Bones Justice finds it his way in search for his father inside the condemned building. But supposedly a tragic accident for him due to collapsed debris inside the building and half of the body was missing. What will Bones Justice cannot able to walk again or will he able to try for the basketball match?moreless
  • Razor's Wedge
    Razor's Wedge
    Episode 3
    It's time for the baseball match between The Midway Monsters and The Derangers. And now, a new team member of The Monsters named Mike better known as Cannonball. He is a four legged mutor with a power blow-horn. But for Razor Kidd quits for The Monsters and he traded to The Dearngers led by Joe Magician to become a pitcher. Can Razor makes it in the outfield or his underwear?moreless
  • The Great Madman
    The Great Madman
    Episode 2
    Madman and his son Madboy who are participate for The Rookie Match. And for Bones Justice becomes a trainer and mentor for Madboy while Zalgor Prigg and Kang makes a petition with Madman and his son to become a professional athlete. What will Madboy makes a toughest choices turned the relationship screwed up?moreless
  • She's A Girl!
    She's A Girl!
    Episode 1
    Malicious Malone is back for the brief absence. And now, a new team member who joined as the Midway Monsters but she's definitely a girl! Meet Thrasher Malone, the daughter of the old-time hall of famer. But she will attempt for the hockey match during the championship game against the Slay City Slayers. Who will win for the match?moreless