Mutant League

Season 2 Episode 2

The Great Madman

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1995 on
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Episode Summary

The Great Madman
Madman and his son Madboy who are participate for The Rookie Match. And for Bones Justice becomes a trainer and mentor for Madboy while Zalgor Prigg and Kang makes a petition with Madman and his son to become a professional athlete. What will Madboy makes a toughest choices turned the relationship screwed up?moreless

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Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee

Razor Kidd/Madman

Robert Brousseau

Robert Brousseau

Bob Babble/George McGwhimple/Jukka

Jim Herbie

Jim Herbie

Zalgor Prigg/Darkstar/Moe/Spewter

Barbara Jeanne Harrison

Barbara Jeanne Harrison

Eleanor McGwhimple/Sherry Steele/Thrasher Malone

Robert Panepinto

Robert Panepinto


William Summers

William Summers

Joe Magician/Grim McSlam/Ragtop Riley

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Madman: You are... you done my croud, son. What you gotta admit? if you all man didn't getting your face.
      Madboy: Dad? Today I learned you alive really was. You never taking me a chance. Why?
      Madman: Arrrgh! Dolt! I just wanna him while we best for you.
      Madboy: No! You want it what you got was best for me. There's a difference. I don't wanna play in the pros!
      Madman: Son! Madboy, get back here! I did.... Mmmmph! Bacause I care!
      Madboy: Next time, don't care so hard. It's only hurt.

    • Bones: Finnish with the practice court?
      Madboy: Why can't? I'm not good enough yet.
      Bones: Gotta really you need style going for you. Mine if I borrow it?
      Madboy: (Laughing)
      Bones: You got talent.
      Madboy: (Bark) Really?
      Bones: So, if you not finish here, when you share your court?
      Madboy: Hmmm... when my dad acts, I can't listen anything.
      Razor: Yo! The old mutt leaves talent or something?
      Bones: But just gonna practice. Jump in!
      Razor: Why not, I got life insurance.

    • Madman: You should have decimated that ugly little lizard!
      Madboy: It's all your game, dad.
      Madman: And a couple of days, you gotta be strengthen your stuck in front of my teammates!
      Madboy: Oh boy!

    • (The Super Bites TV ad featuring Darkstar)
      Announcer: And now, a word from our sponsor...
      Darkstar: Hey kid, what the next best thing to juvenators. Frosted Nuts and Bolts. Made from the toughest fibre from the toughest athletes. So, if you wanna rip 'em upon the ice. Like me. Get yourself a box today. But not until, this game is over! Heh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!... Ha!

    • Madboy: You can looking for me!?!?!?
      Bones: You know, if you start running now. You gotta run forever.
      Madboy: Huh? I just want even?
      Bones: Then you go out there and face your dad.
      Madboy: I can't do any once me to be.
      Bones: That his problem, not yours. Don't let him stop you from doing what will wanna do.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Cannonball was appeared for another episode Razor's Wedge, but the despite in that episode was abruptly mixed-up the tapes. However, this is the second time for the mixed-up videos dispute as currently on Season 1 episodes during the show.

    • MLSN Replay : Madboy gets the serve on the volleyball during The Rookie Match.