Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 21

Cirque des Merveilles

Aired Unknown May 10, 2004 on

Episode Recap

At a circus with mutant members, one of the mutants, Tony LaPorta, plans to sneak off. Lexa's checking him out, as the Dominion is after him. The scarred ringmaster, Devlin, confronts and sucks him into a mirror. Lexa tracks Tony to the circus that is a cover and shelter for mutants, and Brennan and Shannon in as new performers. Jesse does some work and figures out mutants in the Underground have disappeared wherever the circus visits. Brennan goes investigating and is sucked into the mirrors as well. Jesse and Lexa go investigating at a former site and find Mike Robson, an animal-controller and the only one to have left the circus successfully, but he's not very helpful. Jesse can't pick up Brennan's comm.-ring. Devliln shows off the House of Mirrors to Shalimar as the two become romantically close. Lexa checks in with the Dominion, who denies everything and warns her off. Shalimar is almost killed in an "accident" with a trapeze rope and Devlin's assistant Diane warns her that Brennan and the others are trapped. Jesse figures out Robson had a wife who also disappeared, and he reveals how he had his animals scar Devlin before fleeing. Diane sends Shalimar into the mirrors as well. We find out that Devlin is working from Eckhart's master plan set as a contingency upon his death – a method of exterminating all mutants. Lexa's Dominion contact warns them that the circus is a traveling death camp and Devlin the last of Eckhart's sleeper agent. Diane is a psion who can project energy into another dimension, and is working with Devlin to complete Eckhart's assignment. Lexa and Jesse go in to confront Diane, capturing Devlin to force her to bring everyone back. They make her realize she'll be destroyed as well in the end, and she lets everyone out, then sends him into the mirrors before going in herself so they'll be together always. They get out LaPorta, but he's killed while warning of "the Creator."
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)