Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 15

Divided Loyalties

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Thieves are stealing electronic keys to a safebox holding Dominion secrets, and the Dominion orders the team to infiltrate the gang and find out one of them used to work with Brennan. Brennan plans to go in and Shalimar is concerned the appeal of danger might overwhelm Brennan. Adam secretly contacts Brennan, who is unhappy at Adam's lack of trust in him. Brennan makes contact with his friend Cole, who takes him to the gang. Brennan passes the "initiation" while Jesse tracks Hayes, the guy the key belonged to, who used to work for the Dominion. The gangleader Poe is suspicious and Jesse manages to answer his questions . . . with Adam's help. Brennan scans Poe's cell phone and links it to Jesse's computers then goes along on an armored car heist but almost blows his cover when he refuses to kill a guard. Lexa contacts Hayes' wife while Shalimar continues to worry that Brennan is in over his head. Poe finally reveals the plan to use the stolen armored car to get into a vault where Brennan uses his skills to get past the electrical security. Brennan tries to get Cole out and when Adam insists he stop trying, Brennan breaks off his contact with the team. Worse, when the team tracks the mysterious buyer's cell phone, they learn he or she has left his cell phone behind. Lexa goes in undercover as Brennan's girlfriend to make contact with him, after figuring out the Dominion killed Hayes. The plan goes as planned with Brennan faking a guard's death, then gets them into the vault. Using the earlier key and the on-site key, they get into the box and get Hayes' disk, only for Brennan to abandon them to get Cole out. That doesn't work well when Poe catches up to them and Cole refuses, drawing a gun. Brennan manages to convince Cole while Lexa learns from Hayes' widow that Hayes was working against the Dominion trying to get the information to someone. Brennan tracks Poe to the buyer who turns out to be . . . Adam. Brennan lets him get away with the disk and tells everyone the disk was destroyed. The team are left to wonder at Brennan's motives, while Brennan pays off Cole and confronts Adam, who reveals he was working to get the disk but it has no answers, while hinting that dark times are ahead for Mutant X.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)