Mutant X

Season 3 Episode 19

Dream Lover

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2004 on

Episode Recap

A feral, Gia is trying to get out of some kind of men's club but her friend Britney is reluctant to go. She contacts her friend Shalimar but gets grabbed, then processed and duplicated by an ex-Genomex scientist, Nolan, "custom manufacturing" women to rich men's specifications. A concerned Shalimar tries to find her and Jesse tracks her to the club. Shal goes in and the duplicate Gia doesn't recognize her. They track down the duplicate Gia's "buyer" who reveals Sebastian "sold" her – the Gia clone kills him then disintegrates/reintegrates to escape. The club's head guy, Sebastian, is able to replay what the clone saw kills escapes herself, while Shal knows it wasn't the real Gia. Lexa and Shalimar go in to the club while Jesse forges a rich background for himself and Brennan. Shalimar gets separated and knocked out for duplication. This time Sebastian duplicates her personality and memories as well to ferret out who's working against him, to send her back. When Brennan comes in he goes for the fake Shalimar while the real one is drugged and dumped in with the real Gia. Shalimar-real fakes an overdose while Shalimar-fake gets Brennan into a Jacuzzi and tries to drown him while Lexa gets grabbed and her duplicate sent to Sanctuary to kill Jesse. Jesse figures out the bio-nanite technology used for the duplication is electronically manipulated and disintegrates her, while Shalimar takes out Nolan and fights her duplicate. Unfortunately when Jesse gives Brennan the news about electricity, he's not sure which Shalimar to blast but picks the right one. The team rescues Lexa and confront Nolan – it turns out the scientist created "Sebastian" as his front man. They take out Nolan and rescue the captive women.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)